This is the version control repository for the Koha project. To clone a repository and start working on Koha or its documentation, please install Git and run
git clone git:// 
For example,
git clone git://
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Project Description Owner Last Change
koha.git main Koha release repository Koha Project 34 min ago
kohadocs.git Koha Documentation repository Koha Project 12 days ago
qa-test-tools.git A collection of tools used... Mason James 5 weeks ago
hea.git Code for running hea.koha... Koha Project 2 months ago
release-tools.git A collection of release tools... Chris Nighswonger 3 months ago
contrib/global.git General Koha contribs; anybody... The world 4 months ago
git-bz.git git-bz client for Koha Jared Camins-Esakov 19 months ago
koha-translations.git Translations files (.po) for... Translation Manager 2 years ago
mm/jcamins.git MM repo for authorities Jared Camins-Esakov 3 years ago
mm/chrisc.git MM repo for testing Chris Cormack 3 years ago
website.git Koha website repository Koha Project 3 years ago
koha-archive.git Old Koha topic branches Koha Project 3 years ago
wip/koha-equinox.git Equinox work in progress Galen Charlton 4 years ago
koha-small.git main Koha release repository Koha Project 4 years ago
wip/koha-catalyst.git Catalyst work in progress Chris Cormack 4 years ago
wip/koha-chris_n.git Personal work in progress Chris Nighswonger 5 years ago
wip/koha-biblibre.git BibLibre work in progress Henri-Damien Laurent 5 years ago
wip/koha-fbc.git Foundations Bible College... Chris Nighswonger 5 years ago
wip/koha-ptfs.git PTFS work in progress J. David Bavousett 6 years ago
oldkoha_1_0_7.git Koha 1.07 repository Chris Cormack 15 years ago
kumara.git Kumara - predecessor to Koha Chris Cormack 16 years ago