2020-09-22 Alex BuckleyCall koha-indexer directly from master
2019-12-31 Alex BuckleyWR324938: Changed to check if passenger...
2019-12-29 Alex BuckleyMonitor Phusion Passenger and if it is not running...
2019-12-04 Fridolin SomersUNIMARC DB : Update to 19.11.00
2019-05-06 Fridolin SomersUNIMARC DB : correct tags
2019-02-13 Fridolin SomersUNIMARC DB : correct some sysprefs
2019-02-13 Fridolin SomersUNIMARC DB : correct suggestions
2019-02-13 Fridolin SomersUNIMARC DB : Update to 18.11.00
2018-11-20 Fridolin Somerssandbox correct opac_news insert
2018-10-03 Fridolin SomersUNIMARC DB : Update to 18.05.00
2018-10-03 Fridolin SomersUNIMARC DB : clear some datas
2018-04-30 Fridolin SomersUNIMARC DB : more Pukapuka
2018-03-12 Fridolin Somerssandbox: correct chdir during translation
2018-01-31 Fridolin SomersUNIMARC DB : empty opacheader and intranetnav
2018-01-31 Fridolin SomersUNIMARC DB : less borrowers
2018-01-31 Fridolin SomersUNIMARC DB : correct structure
2018-01-31 Fridolin SomersUpdate UNIMARC DB to 17.11.00
2017-10-18 Fridolin SomersUNIMARC DB : remove unwanted sysprefs
2017-10-13 Fridolin SomersKOCT obsolete version
2017-07-13 Alex BuckleyAdded 'monit start all' command to
2017-07-13 Alex BuckleyChanged the permissions on monit installation script
2017-07-13 Alex BuckleyChanged filepaths in the monit .conf files to /usr...
2017-07-13 Alex BuckleyMonit installation/setup script
2017-07-12 Alex BuckleyPlack monitoring and automatic restart only on plack...
2017-07-09 Alex BuckleyPlack service monitoring and automatic restart monit...
2017-07-06 Alex BuckleyTidied up copyright messages on and...
2017-07-06 Alex BuckleyZebra index monitoring and automatic restart monit...
2017-07-05 Alex BuckleyZebra monitoring and automatic restart monit conf file... origin
2017-06-13 Fridolin SomersUpdate UNIMARC DB to 17.05
2017-06-13 Fridolin SomersUNIMARC DB : add missing sysprefs
2017-03-29 Fridolin SomersUpdate UNIMARC DB to 16.11 follow-up
2017-03-29 Fridolin SomersUpdate UNIMARC DB to 16.11
2017-03-14 Julian Mauricesandbox: Add missing semicolon
2017-03-14 Julian Mauricesandbox: Make sure we are on fresh master before applyi...
2017-03-14 Julian Mauricesandbox: Stash any changes made to the working tree...
2017-03-14 Julian Mauricesandbox: Fix SQL query to insert news
2016-10-06 Fridolin SomersUpdate UNIMARC DB to
2016-10-06 Fridolin Somerssandbox : obsolete uncompressed dumps in README.install
2016-06-17 Julian MauriceDecompress SQL dump on the fly
2016-06-17 Julian MauriceNew UNIMARC database
2016-06-04 Alex ArnaudAdd schema files updating
2016-06-03 Julian MauriceFix path of staff-global.css
2016-05-27 Fridolin SomersUNIMARC DB - correct accountlines PK name id to account...
2016-05-27 Fridolin SomersUpdate UNIMARC DB to v3.22.00
2016-03-14 Julian MauriceSandboxes: Tell WWW::Bugzilla to use HTTPS
2015-12-17 Julian MauriceSandboxes: Embed WWW::Bugzilla with some changes
2015-12-17 Julian MauriceSandboxes: Fix use of 'no database change (-1)' option
2015-09-23 Galen Charltonextract_bugs_from_koha_release_notes: grab bug numbers...
2015-03-03 Martin RenvoizeSandboxes: fixed issue with checking out master
2015-02-19 Jonathan DruartSandboxes: Add the ability to apply patches from severa...
2015-02-19 Jonathan DruartSandboxes: remove the validation on the form
2015-01-29 Fridolin SomersUpdate DB to v3.18.00
2015-01-29 Fridolin SomersUpdate DB to v3.16.00
2015-01-29 Fridolin SomersRemove unused autorities and deleted objects
2015-01-27 Julian MauriceChange statusbar icon to toolbar button
2015-01-05 Martin RenvoizeSandboxes: Muppet Mistake, forgot to add permissions
2015-01-05 Martin RenvoizeSandboxes: Populated MARC21 DB with records
2015-01-05 Martin RenvoizeSandboxes: Rebuild Zebra should wait for lock
2014-12-09 Jonathan DruartSandboxes: Escape quote on before sending the mail...
2014-09-01 Jonathan DruartMulti-tenancy: FIX config.yaml for install instructions v0.3.2
2014-09-01 Jonathan DruartMulti-tenancy: update the config.yaml skeleton
2014-09-01 Martin RenvoizeAdded some additional notes to the sandbox install...
2014-09-01 Martin RenvoizeMulti patch four
2014-09-01 Martin RenvoizeMulti-tenancy patch three
2014-09-01 Martin RenvoizeMulti-tenancy patch two
2014-09-01 Martin RenvoizeMulti-tenancy patch one
2014-06-12 Jonathan DruartSandboxes: (follow-up) SET COLLATE and CHARACTER SET
2014-06-12 Jonathan DruartSandboxes: SET COLLATE and CHARACTER SET
2014-02-19 Jonathan DruartSandboxes: Don't try to update opac_news if apply has...
2014-02-19 Jonathan DruartSandboxes: update DB
2014-02-19 Jonathan DruartSandboxes: Better error handgling
2014-02-19 Jonathan DruartSandboxes: If database == "", database = 0
2014-02-19 Jonathan DruartSandboxes: Check the form before submitting it
2013-10-04 Jonathan Druart[KOCT] ... and update the koct version to 0.3.2
2013-10-04 Jonathan Druart[KOCT] Change the compatibility with Firefox 24
2013-10-04 Jonathan Druart[KOCT] Followup Add fr, en, de, es, gl, it languages
2013-10-04 Jonathan Druart[KOCT] Add de-DE, es-ES, gl-ES, it-IT languages
2013-10-04 Jonathan DruartSandboxes: Remove the opaclayoutstylesheet syspref...
2013-10-04 Jonathan DruartSandbox: Update
2013-07-24 Galen Charltonscript to convert Koha's history.txt to HTML table...
2013-07-23 Jared Camins... Fix the error handling on the AJAX signoff tool
2013-07-23 Jared Camins... Update AJAXy signoff script with latest version of...
2013-06-24 Galen Charltonscript to delete all cached Koha MARC frameworks from...
2013-06-13 Jared Camins... Add an AJAXy script for signing off on Koha patches
2012-10-25 Fridolyn SOMERSMT10204: revert unpack option and add Firefox 18
2012-10-08 Fridolyn SOMERSMT10204: Koct et firefox 15 folloup Corrected install...
2012-10-08 Fridolyn SOMERSKoct and firefox 15 compatibility
2012-08-28 Owen LeonardSandboxes - Revising sandbox template to match Koha...
2012-08-27 Jonathan DruartKOCT: FIX reviewed problems
2012-08-27 Claire HernandezKOCT install.rdf manifest updated
2012-08-02 Mirko TietgenGerman translation of KOCT
2012-07-26 Owen LeonardKOCT English translation minor updates
2012-07-26 Zeno TajoliItalian translation of KOCT
2012-07-26 Juan Romay... Galician translation for KOCT tool
2012-07-26 Bernardo Gonzalez... Spanish translation for KOCT Tool
2012-07-24 Jonathan DruartKOCT: make koct translatable. (currently fr-FR and...
2012-07-12 Paul PoulainRevert "bla"
2012-07-04 Paul PoulainSandoxes security issues
2012-05-31 Paul Poulainbla
2012-05-31 Paul Poulain... Adding some doc and removing commented rm that will...