[git-bz.git] / git-bz.txt
2011-06-04 workerAdd support for bz-user and bz-password and authenticat...
2011-04-27 Owen W. TaylorFix 'git command --amend' typo in man page
2010-09-07 Owen W. TaylorAdd bz.add-url config variable
2010-09-06 Owen W. TaylorDocument new per-tracker configuration
2010-09-06 Owen W. TaylorMerge remote branch 'jjongsma/http-auth'
2010-06-14 Robert Braggdocs: Quote example url to workaround asciidoc bug
2010-06-05 Christophe FergeauFix typos in documentation
2009-09-05 Owen W. TaylorAdd 'git bz push -fix' and 'git bz edit --fix'
2009-09-05 Owen W. TaylorSplit out documentation