2012-11-06 Jared Camins... Add README master
2012-11-02 Jared Camins... Teach git-bz to optionally sign off when applying patches
2012-09-26 Jared Camins... Merge remote branch 'github-kc/master'
2012-09-26 Mason Jamesadd support to email patch to 'koha-patches' mailing...
2012-08-01 Jared Camins... Teach git-bz to understand 'a' for applying all patches
2012-07-14 Jared Camins... Teach git-bz to update bug statuses
2012-07-14 Paul PoulainAdd -3 parameter to git am
2011-06-04 Add support for bz-user and bz-password and authenticat...
2011-05-24 Chris CormackTypo fix
2011-05-18 Chris CormackFixing a little copy and paste error with auth-user...
2011-04-27 Owen W. TaylorFix 'git command --amend' typo in man page
2010-09-22 Owen W. TaylorFix python-2.7 compatibility with xmlrpclib
2010-09-07 Owen W. TaylorAdd bz.add-url config variable
2010-09-07 Bobby HolleyUse the actual description entered by the user, rather...
2010-09-06 Owen W. TaylorFix duplicate variable setting
2010-09-06 Owen W. TaylorDocument new per-tracker configuration
2010-09-06 Owen W. TaylorFix inconsistent authuser/authpwd abbreviations
2010-09-06 Owen W. TaylorHandle partial URLs
2010-09-06 Owen W. TaylorMerge remote branch 'jjongsma/http-auth'
2010-07-01 Yaakov SelkowitzUse sqlite3 module if available
2010-06-14 Robert Braggdocs: Quote example url to workaround asciidoc bug
2010-06-07 Marc-Andre... Fix typo in google-chrome and chromium support
2010-06-05 Owen W. TaylorWhen prompting, loop, don't default on unknown inputs
2010-06-05 Owen W. TaylorFix problem with stray spaces
2010-06-05 Christophe... Fix typos in documentation
2010-06-05 Owen W. TaylorAdded google-chrome as a possible browser
2010-06-05 Jonathon JongsmaAdd support for epiphany with the webkit backend
2010-06-05 Owen W. TaylorHandle 'see <url> <bug reference>'
2010-06-05 Owen W. TaylorPass --ignore-submodules when checking uncommitted...
2009-10-17 Owen W. TaylorHandle Chromium cookie expiry properly
2009-09-18 Owen W. TaylorFix subcommands without --add-url option
2009-09-18 Owen W. TaylorFix adding-url to just some commits
2009-09-15 Jonathon JongsmaFix ' git bz attach' failure when bugzilla server has...
2009-09-15 Jonathon JongsmaFix exception when parsing an alias as a url
2009-09-11 Jonathon JongsmaAdd support for bugzilla installations that require...
2009-09-11 Jonathon JongsmaAdd support for bugzilla installations in non-root...
2009-09-09 Owen W. TaylorMark as https
2009-09-09 Owen W. TaylorHandle redirects
2009-09-09 Emmanuele BassiAvoid Python2.6-isms
2009-09-05 Owen W. TaylorAdd 'git bz push -fix' and 'git bz edit --fix'
2009-09-05 Owen W. TaylorMake 'git bz add-url' more like git rebase
2009-09-05 Owen W. TaylorTODO updates
2009-09-05 Owen W. TaylorSplit out documentation
2009-09-05 Owen W. TaylorCommand line option tweaks
2009-09-05 Owen W. TaylorAllow omitting bug reference for 'git bz attach'
2009-09-05 Owen W. TaylorMake --add-url the default for 'git bz apply' as well
2009-09-05 Owen W. TaylorIgnore committed/rejected patches
2009-09-02 Owen W. TaylorAllow configuring bug reference addition
2009-09-01 Owen W. TaylorImprove URL addition
2009-09-01 Owen W. TaylorAdd URLs by default
2009-09-01 Owen W. TaylorMake bug changes before attachment changes to avoid...
2009-08-31 Owen W. TaylorUse .add() for sets not .append()
2009-08-31 Owen W. TaylorCache legal field values
2009-08-31 Owen W. TaylorAdd utility for constant-response caching
2009-08-31 Owen W. TaylorAdd push subcommand to help command
2009-08-31 Owen W. TaylorFix checking for missing fields in XML response
2009-08-31 Owen W. TaylorFix marking patches as obsolete from 'git bz edit'
2009-08-31 Owen W. TaylorFix git-bz to work with none-GNOME bugzilla
2009-08-31 Owen W. TaylorAdd 'git bz edit --pushed' and 'git bz push'
2009-08-31 Owen W. TaylorAllow capturing stderr from a run git command
2009-08-30 Owen W. TaylorAllow passing a commit or revision range to 'git bz...
2009-08-30 Owen W. TaylorAdd a BugHandle class to represent parsed bug references
2009-08-30 Owen W. TaylorAdd an edit subcommand
2009-08-30 Owen W. TaylorAdd a method for getting legal field values
2009-08-30 Owen W. TaylorAdd a method to update a patch on a bug
2009-08-30 Owen W. TaylorAdd a method to update a bug
2009-08-30 Owen W. TaylorAdd helper functions for handling abbrevations
2009-08-30 Owen W. TaylorAdd a helper function for checking for success
2009-08-30 Owen W. TaylorAllow files=None for BugServer.send_post()
2009-08-30 Owen W. TaylorFile bugs via XML-RPC when possible
2009-08-29 Owen W. TaylorSplit HTTP communication out of Bug class
2009-08-29 Owen W. TaylorFix error message when not logged in
2009-08-29 Jonathon JongsmaImprove error handling when bug reference is incorrect
2009-08-24 Owen W. TaylorFix to work again with Firefox
2009-08-24 Colin WaltersSupport chromium cookies
2009-08-24 Owen W. TaylorGet attachment data from XML bug dump instead of downlo...
2009-08-15 Owen W. TaylorFix to work with Bugzilla 3.4
2009-06-25 Owen W. TaylorPass -M to git-format-patch
2009-04-25 Owen W. TaylorMake 'git bz file <commit>' just file that commit
2009-04-25 Owen W. TaylorMove default-product and default-component to main...
2009-04-25 Owen W. TaylorWork around Firefox-3.5 locking problems with a copy
2009-04-25 Owen W. TaylorFactor out common code between Firefox and Epiphany...
2009-04-25 Andy WingoAdd support for epiphany as well
2009-04-25 Owen W. TaylorAdd checks to try and detect when -u/--add-url won...
2008-12-04 Owen W. TaylorAdd TODO item - Automatically guess obvious obsoletes
2008-12-04 Owen W. TaylorAdd TODO items
2008-12-04 Owen W. TaylorAllow a separate description for git bz file
2008-12-04 Owen W. TaylorSkip prompting about attachments when editing comment
2008-12-04 Owen W. TaylorAllow editing attachment comment and obsoletes
2008-11-23 Owen W. TaylorFix resolving URL bug references
2008-11-22 Owen W. TaylorImprove documentation of aliases and configuration
2008-11-22 Owen W. TaylorAllowing configuring a default product and component
2008-11-22 Owen W. TaylorMake -b/--bugzilla a global option
2008-11-22 Owen W. TaylorAdd TODO item: Reconsider initial description for ...
2008-11-22 Owen W. TaylorAllow spaces in products and components
2008-11-20 Owen W. TaylorMinor indentation tweak
2008-11-20 Tommi KomulainenMake firefox profile lookup more relaxed
2008-11-19 Owen W. TaylorAdd TODO item: Specifying a default product/component
2008-11-19 Owen W. TaylorFix git bz file of the last most recent commit
2008-11-19 Owen W. TaylorRemove dependency on GitPython