descriptiongit-bz client for Koha
ownerJared Camins-Esakov
last changeTue, 6 Nov 2012 20:46:26 +0000 (15:46 -0500)
2012-11-06 Jared Camins... Add README master
2012-11-02 Jared Camins... Teach git-bz to optionally sign off when applying patches
2012-09-26 Jared Camins... Merge remote branch 'github-kc/master'
2012-09-26 Mason Jamesadd support to email patch to 'koha-patches' mailing...
2012-08-01 Jared Camins... Teach git-bz to understand 'a' for applying all patches
2012-07-14 Jared Camins... Teach git-bz to update bug statuses
2012-07-14 Paul PoulainAdd -3 parameter to git am
2011-06-04 Add support for bz-user and bz-password and authenticat...
2011-05-24 Chris CormackTypo fix
2011-05-18 Chris CormackFixing a little copy and paste error with auth-user...
2011-04-27 Owen W. TaylorFix 'git command --amend' typo in man page
2010-09-22 Owen W. TaylorFix python-2.7 compatibility with xmlrpclib
2010-09-07 Owen W. TaylorAdd bz.add-url config variable
2010-09-07 Bobby HolleyUse the actual description entered by the user, rather...
2010-09-06 Owen W. TaylorFix duplicate variable setting
2010-09-06 Owen W. TaylorDocument new per-tracker configuration
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