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Koha administration

Global system preferences

Manage global system preferences like MARC flavor, date format, administrator email, and templates.


Configure these parameters in the order they appear.

Basic parameters

Libraries and groups
Define libraries and groups.
Item types
Define item types used for circulation rules.
Authorized values
Define categories and authorized values for them.

Patrons and circulation

Patron categories
Define patron categories.
[% IF CAN_user_parameters_manage_circ_rules %]
Circulation and fines rules
Define circulation and fines rules for combinations of libraries, patron categories, and item types
[% END %]
Patron attribute types
Define extended attributes (identifiers and statistical categories) for patron records
Library transfer limits
Limit the ability to transfer items between libraries based on the library sending, the library receiving, and the item type involved. These rules only go into effect if the preference UseBranchTransferLimits is set to ON.
Transport cost matrix
Define transport costs between branches
Item circulation alerts
Define rules for check-in and checkout notifications for combinations of libraries, patron categories, and item types
Cities and towns
Define cities and towns that your patrons live in.
[% IF CAN_user_plugins %]


Manage plugins
View, manage, configure and run plugins.
[% END %]


MARC bibliographic framework
Create and manage Bibliographic frameworks that define the characteristics of your MARC Records (field and subfield definitions) as well as templates for the MARC editor.
Koha to MARC mapping
Define the mapping between the Koha transactional database (SQL) and the MARC Bibliographic records. Note that the mapping can be defined through MARC Bibliographic Framework. This tool is just a shortcut to speed up linkage.
Keywords to MARC mapping
Define the mapping between keywords and MARC fields, those keywords are used to find some datas independently of the framework.
MARC Bibliographic framework test
Checks the MARC structure. If you change your MARC Bibliographic framework it's recommended that you run this tool to test for errors in your definition.
Authority types
Create and manage Authorities frameworks that define the characteristics of your MARC Records (field and subfield definitions).
Classification sources
Define classification sources (i.e., call number schemes) used by your collection. Also define filing rules used for sorting call numbers.
Record matching rules
Manage rules for automatically matching MARC records during record imports.
OAI sets configuration
Manage OAI Sets
Items search fields
Manage custom fields for items search

Acquisition parameters

Currencies and exchange rates
Define currencies and exchange rates used for acquisitions.
Define your budgets
Define funds within your budgets

Additional parameters

Z39.50/SRU servers
Define which external servers to query for MARC data.
Did you mean?
Choose which plugins to use to suggest searches to patrons and staff.
Configure columns
Hide or show columns for tables.
Audio alerts
Define which events trigger which sounds
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