2001-03-14 chrisTidying up, need to tidy up the C4 dir also master
2000-12-07 chrisError handler fix
2000-12-06 chrisModule that provides functions for doing catalogue...
2000-12-06 chrisScript to do catalogue maintenance
2000-12-04 chrisFixing it so acqusitions desplay better.
2000-11-27 chrisshifting changes to test phase
2000-11-27 chrisSlight modification to the title search, unsure if...
2000-11-24 chrisinto live testing phase
2000-11-24 chriswas missing fines paid on unreturned books
2000-11-23 chrisGot issues, returns and renewal stats showing
2000-11-23 chrisGot renewals being counted as well
2000-11-23 chrisWorking on producing totals for each transaction type
2000-11-22 chrisStripping trailing whitespace from subject headings
2000-11-21 chrisFixing a glitch in checkreserve function, which was...
2000-11-19 chrisScript to tidy up a borrowers account.
2000-11-19 chrismisc script
2000-11-17 christemporary script to tidy up duplicate orders
2000-11-17 chrisChanged so set quantity ordered to 0 cancels the order
2000-11-17 chrisSetup so itemnumber is stored whenever stats are updated
2000-11-17 chrisChanged so that changing quantity ordered cancels the...
2000-11-17 chrisChanged update stats routine so it stores itemnumber...
2000-11-16 chrisFixed so that bookfunds can be changed
2000-11-16 chrisFixed so only orders not received show up when searchin...
2000-11-16 chrisChanged so that it passes a value thru to the acquisiti...
2000-11-10 chrisGot acquisition link working
2000-11-10 chrisworking on getting a link from item screen to acquisiti...
2000-11-09 chrisGetting modorder working properly
2000-11-09 chrisscript to allow for librarians to change exchange rates
2000-11-09 chrisFixing glitch in displaying estimated cost.
2000-11-09 chrisGetting the newbiblio to show the recommended retail...
2000-11-09 chrisFixed dewey search
2000-11-09 chrisInitial revision