2018-04-13 Jonathan DruartBug 20538: Remove obsolete check for bug 12904 master
2018-04-13 Julian MauriceBug 20538: Pass interface and theme variables to template
2018-04-04 Jonathan DruartMake sure commit messages are correctly formatted
2018-02-16 Jonathan DruartBug 18336: Check the charset collate for kohastructure.sql
2018-02-16 Jonathan DruartBug 12904: Add [% KOHA_VERSION %] for .js and .css
2018-01-22 Jonathan must be valid
2018-01-22 Jonathan Druartfollow-up pod coverage
2018-01-22 Jonathan Druartfollow-up Lines should not terminate by semicolons...
2018-01-22 Jonathan Druartfollow-up Add the --failures flag
2017-12-12 Josef MoravecBug 19782: Add svc and unapi to check for QA
2017-07-19 Jonathan Druartpod_coverage - Add info in the report
2017-07-19 Jonathan Druartpod_coverage - Fix 'unrated (no public symbols defined)'
2017-07-18 Jonathan DruartAdd POD coverage check for Perl modules
2017-06-01 Jonathan DruartAdd the --failures flag
2017-05-26 Jonathan DruartTT tags should not be defined on several lines
2017-04-20 Jonathan DruartDo not assume male gender, use they/them instead (bug...
2017-01-18 Jonathan DruartAdd checkts for Bootstrap v3 (bug 16239)
2016-11-01 Jonathan DruartLines should not terminate by semicolons in sysprefs.sql
2016-07-22 Jonathan DruartDisplay the errors if it's a valid error
2016-07-22 Jonathan DruartDo not consider "used only once: possible typo" as...
2016-06-10 Jonathan DruartBug 16008: Deal with removed files
2016-03-18 Jonathan DruartDisplay the file list in alphabetic order
2016-03-16 Jonathan DruartBug 16003: Add exception pattern list for codespell...
2016-02-12 Jonathan DruartRevert "The html filter is not needed anymore (see...
2016-02-09 Indranil Das... Bug 15753: String update in the README for qa-test...
2016-02-01 Jonathan DruartThe html filter is not needed anymore (see bug 13618)
2016-02-01 Jonathan Druart(follow-up) type subroutine should be _type
2016-01-19 Jonathan DruartKoha::Borrower has been moved by bug 15548
2016-01-19 Jonathan DruartKoha::Branches has been removed by bug 15294
2016-01-12 Jonathan Druarttype subroutine should be _type
2015-12-01 Jonathan DruartAdd ProhibitUnusedVariables to perlcritic rules
2015-10-23 Jonathan Druart(follow-up) Check if opac.css and opac.less are in...
2015-10-23 Jonathan DruartCheck if opac.css and opac.less are in sync
2015-10-23 Jonathan Druartpass attribute should be defined at File level
2015-07-08 Jonathan Druartspelling: Don't die if codespell is not installed
2015-06-18 Jonathan Druartspelling follow-up: Add the test file
2015-06-18 Jonathan DruartAdd a spelling check for pl and tt files (using codespell)
2015-04-07 Jonathan "INSERT IGNORE INTO systempreference...
2015-01-15 Jonathan DruartCheck the charset collate for kohastructure.sql
2015-01-15 Jonathan DruartMake the tests pass
2014-08-18 Jonathan DruartThe prog theme for the OPAC is deprecated, now use...
2014-07-17 Jonathan DruartFix unit tests - should not be based on hash keys order
2014-07-17 Jonathan Druarttemplate name should not contain .tmpl anymore
2014-07-17 Jonathan DruartAdd a progress bar
2014-03-17 Jesse WeaverRemove smartmatch/given/when to work with Perl 5.18
2013-12-16 Jonathan DruartTT plugins have been merged (see bug 10626)
2013-09-20 Jonathan DruartDatatables files are in an include file (see bug 10868)
2013-09-09 Jonathan Druartwthdrawn is a typo (see bug 10550).
2013-08-19 Jonathan DruartExit if there are unstaged changes.
2013-08-19 Jonathan DruartSpecific test for sysprefs.sql
2013-08-14 Jonathan DruartKoha is now under the GPLv3 license
2013-07-17 Jonathan DruartUpdate README: PERL5LIB has to contain the qa-tools...
2013-07-17 Jonathan DruartFix: the perlcriticrc path should be build from the...
2013-07-17 Jonathan DruartFix unit tests: the koha-qa dir name should not be...
2013-06-14 Jonathan DruartAdd a bug in the todo list (commits with only deleted...
2013-06-10 Mason Jamesfixing compile typo in t/data/4/perl/
2013-06-10 Mason Jamesupdate POD and README
2013-06-10 Mason Jamesadded perl-deps file
2013-06-07 Jonathan DruartFollowup Add new pattern for theme
2013-06-07 Jonathan DruartAdd new pattern for theme (see bug 2774)
2013-06-07 Mason Jamesjust some small display tweaks...
2013-05-22 Jonathan DruartBug 10080 renames IndependantBranches to IndependentBra...
2013-05-06 Jonathan DruartFollowup Fix unit tests for
2013-05-03 Jonathan DruartFix display: if v>1 errors description should be below...
2013-05-03 Jonathan DruartFix unit tests for
2013-04-20 Mason Jamesfixed tests, and made a little display format tweak dev
2013-04-19 Mason Jamesupdate README
2013-04-19 Mason Jamesadd LICENSE file
2013-04-19 Mason Jamesalways use Koha's ./t/perlcriticrc file
2013-04-12 Jonathan Druartperlcritic check ~/.perlcritirc, not ~/perlcriticrc
2013-01-23 Jonathan DruartFIX line number cannot be decrement if it is a deletion
2013-01-11 Jonathan DruartMerge marker, tab and whitespace are forbidden for...
2013-01-08 Jonathan DruartFIX false positive on perl critic
2013-01-04 Jonathan DruartFollowup improved display output (FIX UT)
2013-01-04 Jonathan DruartWe don't want any simple-quote string in js code
2013-01-04 Jonathan DruartRemove the perlcritic error on require a module between...
2012-11-09 Mason Jamesimproved display output
2012-11-01 Mason Jamesadded 1 line, to skip 'Subroutine $FOO redefined' type...
2012-11-01 Jonathan DruartTypo occured/occurred
2012-11-01 Jonathan Druartadd a new flag "new_file" to mark a file if it is a...
2012-10-02 Mason Jamesadded ~/perlcriticrc file test
2012-10-02 Mason Jamesadded .t files, for testing
2012-10-02 Mason Jamesadded perlcriticrc file, updated readme
2012-10-02 Mason Jamesfixed perlcritic test
2012-10-02 Jonathan DruartBuild diff reports improvement
2012-09-20 Jonathan DruartRefactoring: new File::add_to_report routine
2012-09-20 Jonathan Druartnew check for perl files: POD
2012-09-18 Jonathan DruartForbiden patterns: Add line number(experimental) +...
2012-09-17 Jonathan DruartUT: add unit tests for tmpl
2012-09-17 Jonathan DruartFIX Tests order
2012-09-17 Jonathan DruartFIX: If the error is empty, it's not really an error
2012-09-17 Jonathan DruartFIX: we want the diff (between HEAD and HEAD~X) and...
2012-09-17 Jonathan DruartFIX datatype, report diff uses array and scalar
2012-09-14 Jonathan DruartFIX: Perl valid, We can't know the line number. And...
2012-09-13 Jonathan DruartFollowup FIX the perl valid check
2012-09-11 Jonathan DruartFIX the perl valid check
2012-09-06 Jonathan Druart[OOP] Add forbidden patterns (tabulation and widespace...
2012-09-05 Jonathan Druart[OOP] FIX template checks on new files
2012-09-03 Jonathan Druart[OOP] FIX perl_critic test We have to delete the .pc...
2012-08-31 Jonathan DruartAdd some POD