descriptionA collection of tools used for QA purposes
ownerMason James
last changeMon, 1 Feb 2016 11:26:46 +0000 (11:26 +0000)
5 days ago Jonathan DruartThe html filter is not needed anymore (see bug 13618) master
5 days ago Jonathan Druart(follow-up) type subroutine should be _type
2016-01-19 Jonathan DruartKoha::Borrower has been moved by bug 15548
2016-01-19 Jonathan DruartKoha::Branches has been removed by bug 15294
2016-01-12 Jonathan Druarttype subroutine should be _type
2015-12-01 Jonathan DruartAdd ProhibitUnusedVariables to perlcritic rules
2015-10-23 Jonathan Druart(follow-up) Check if opac.css and opac.less are in...
2015-10-23 Jonathan DruartCheck if opac.css and opac.less are in sync
2015-10-23 Jonathan Druartpass attribute should be defined at File level
2015-07-08 Jonathan Druartspelling: Don't die if codespell is not installed
2015-06-18 Jonathan Druartspelling follow-up: Add the test file
2015-06-18 Jonathan DruartAdd a spelling check for pl and tt files (using codespell)
2015-04-07 Jonathan "INSERT IGNORE INTO systempreference...
2015-01-15 Jonathan DruartCheck the charset collate for kohastructure.sql
2015-01-15 Jonathan DruartMake the tests pass
2014-08-18 Jonathan DruartThe prog theme for the OPAC is deprecated, now use...
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