descriptionA collection of tools used for QA purposes
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20 hours ago Jonathan Druartfollow-up pod coverage
20 hours ago Jonathan Druartfollow-up Lines should not terminate by semicolons...
20 hours ago Jonathan Druartfollow-up Add the --failures flag
2017-12-12 Josef MoravecBug 19782: Add svc and unapi to check for QA
2017-07-19 Jonathan Druartpod_coverage - Add info in the report
2017-07-19 Jonathan Druartpod_coverage - Fix 'unrated (no public symbols defined)'
2017-07-18 Jonathan DruartAdd POD coverage check for Perl modules
2017-06-01 Jonathan DruartAdd the --failures flag
2017-05-26 Jonathan DruartTT tags should not be defined on several lines
2017-04-20 Jonathan DruartDo not assume male gender, use they/them instead (bug...
2017-01-18 Jonathan DruartAdd checkts for Bootstrap v3 (bug 16239)
2016-11-01 Jonathan DruartLines should not terminate by semicolons in sysprefs.sql
2016-07-22 Jonathan DruartDisplay the errors if it's a valid error
2016-07-22 Jonathan DruartDo not consider "used only once: possible typo" as...
2016-06-10 Jonathan DruartBug 16008: Deal with removed files
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