2018-06-04 Jonathan DruartUpdate version when we are in RC - to uncomment master
2018-06-04 Jonathan DruartAdd translation section from pootle
2018-06-04 Jonathan DruartUpdate download link
2018-06-04 Jonathan DruartAdd 18.05 release team
2018-04-11 Jonathan DruartFix translation list (new pootle version)
2017-11-28 Jonathan DruartFix new lines
2017-11-28 Jonathan DruartRe-add translations progress
2017-11-28 Jonathan DruartFix link to the manual
2017-11-28 Jonathan DruartSort testers by last name (as others)
2017-11-28 Jonathan DruartFix cosmetic issues
2017-11-27 Jonathan DruartRemove Dover dup
2017-11-27 Jonathan Druart(follow-up) Remove BWS dup
2017-11-27 Jonathan DruartReplace \n with \n + 2 spaces in quotes
2017-11-27 Jonathan DruartRemove [] if not email defined
2017-11-27 Jonathan DruartRemove BWS dup
2017-11-26 Jonathan DruartImprove domain mapping
2017-11-08 Jonathan DruartFix release team section
2017-11-08 Jonathan DruartAdd missing Release Teams
2017-11-08 Jonathan DruartAdd manual contributors
2017-11-08 Jonathan DruartFix download_pootle
2017-11-01 Jonathan DruartBug 19123: Remove reference to the last release
2017-10-30 Jonathan DruartBug 19284: Correct version numbering by adding missing...
2017-10-30 Jonathan DruartBug 19082: Remove reference to the INSTALL file
2016-11-03 Frédéric DemiansDistinguish security release
2016-06-24 Frédéric DemiansFix encoding HTML release notes
2016-06-24 Frédéric DemiansFix retrieving Pootle translations for 16.05
2016-05-07 Frédéric DemiansUpdate to deal with new version numbering + new team...
2016-02-28 Julian Mauricekoha-release: Use HTML::TableExtract to get translation...
2016-02-12 Frédéric DemiansNew script bin/koha-release
2015-11-11 Tomas Cohen... trim function missing
2015-11-11 Tomas Cohen... Stop using regexps to extract information from Pootle
2015-11-11 Tomas Cohen... koha-* scripts and test files shouldn't be upper-cased
2015-11-10 Tomas Cohen... Make --html have generate both txt and...
2015-11-10 Tomas Cohen... 3.22 release team templates
2015-11-10 Tomas Cohen... New devs for the 3.22 cycle
2015-11-10 Tomas Cohen... Fix missing 's' on the template
2015-07-22 Liz ReaUpdate release template for 3.18 with new maintainers
2015-05-22 Tomas Cohen... Update the translations URL schema
2015-05-22 Tomas Cohen... Make the release notes actually validate as HTML :-D
2015-05-22 Tomas Cohen... domain-map fixes
2015-05-22 Tomas Cohen... New devs for the 3.20 release cycle
2015-05-07 Tomas Cohen... Templates fr the 3.20 release
2015-05-07 Tomas Cohen... Style fixes for the release notes
2014-11-26 Tomas Cohen... Libraries and institutions also have developers
2014-11-25 Tomas Cohen... Fix CINECA for Cineca
2014-11-25 Tomas Cohen... -> CINECA mapping
2014-11-25 Tomas Cohen... Layout change for new devs list in text-mode
2014-11-25 Tomas Cohen... Split commit # and author name for greater flexibility
2014-11-24 Tomas Cohen... Hochschule für Gesundheit attributed
2014-11-24 Tomas Cohen... Add (optional) new devs list for major releases
2014-11-24 Tomas Cohen... Introduce a templates dir
2014-11-24 Tomas Cohen... Oslo Public Library domain map
2014-11-20 Tomas Cohen... Fixes to domain map and reorganization for easier maint...
2014-11-17 Tomas Cohen... Remove trailing spaces, add UNC
2014-11-17 Tomas Cohen... Update HTML parsing for newer Pootle
2014-11-16 Tomas Cohen... Update release team for the 3.18 release
2014-05-05 Galen Charltonadd 3.16 release team
2013-11-01 Galen Charltonhandle both old and new styles of sysprefs.sql
2013-06-22 Tomas Cohen... Fixes to
2013-06-22 Jared Camins... Fix bug # identification in get_bugs and install comman...
2013-04-03 Jared Camins... Add release team file for 3.14
2013-04-03 Jared Camins... Save log file of run
2013-04-03 Jared Camins... Sort sysprefs case-insensitively in the release notes
2013-03-23 Jared Camins... Add sources list for current Ubuntu release
2013-03-22 Jared Camins... Save complete log and force installation of dependencie...
2013-03-22 Paul PoulainAdding "new feature" paragraph
2013-03-14 Jared Camins... Add 3.12 release team
2013-03-14 Jared Camins... The Koha webinstaller is broken, so we can't test it
2013-03-14 Jared Camins... Differentiate distribution from branch and use lxc-ip
2012-11-19 Paul Poulainsome more proofreading fixes
2012-11-19 Paul Poulainproof reading & new maori wisdom
2012-11-19 Paul Poulainafter Owen & Nicole proofreading, updating detailled...
2012-11-16 Paul PoulainCounting bugfixes & enhancements, and displaying them...
2012-11-16 Paul PoulainFixing descriptions & removing useless blanks
2012-11-16 Paul PoulainAdding stable / major release differences
2012-11-16 Paul PoulainImprove HTML formatting
2012-11-16 Paul Poulainmanually updated descriptions for 3.10 release
2012-11-13 Paul PoulainSome missing domain-maps for BibLibre, ByWaters & Catalyst
2012-11-13 Paul PoulainMove the description CSV to a descriptions directory...
2012-11-13 Paul PoulainAdding bugzilla login & password options to release...
2012-11-13 Paul PoulainChange in full description retrieval
2012-11-08 Jared Camins... Correct BSZ BW in domain-map
2012-11-08 Jared Camins... Make use the gitdm domain map for companies
2012-11-08 Jared Camins... Make line spacing consistent in release notes template
2012-11-08 Jared Camins... Use LXC for testing Koha installation
2012-11-08 Jared Camins... Add example configuration for reprepro
2012-11-08 Jared Camins... Set PERL5LIB and don't die on release notes failures
2012-11-08 Paul PoulainAdding poddoc
2012-11-08 Paul PoulainAdd full description to enhancements
2012-11-08 Paul PoulainAdding contributing companies
2012-11-08 Paul PoulainFixing wrong version display
2012-11-08 Paul PoulainAdding release team in HTML when -html flag is used
2012-11-08 Paul PoulainLarge patch for HTML/txt formatting
2012-11-08 Paul PoulainIntroducing HTML formatting, 1st step
2012-11-08 Paul Poulain2 improvements : identify more clearly enhancements...
2012-11-08 Paul PoulainAdding component to results
2012-07-28 Jared Camins... Missed the usage line in
2012-07-28 Jared Camins... Update changelog and help
2012-07-28 Jared Camins... Add script to check dependency availability jcamins
2012-07-28 Jared Camins... Add the ability to send an alert when release-tool...