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3 <h1>Patron Import</h1>
5                 <ul>
6                         <li>Create a CSV file for your patron data<br/>
7                         <ul>
8                                 <li>Format your file with the following fields
9                                 <ul>
10                                         <li>'cardnumber',    'surname',      'firstname',        'title',     'othernames',    'initials',     'streetnumber',     'streettype',     'address',       'address2',     'city',             'zipcode',     'country',     'email',         'phone',        'mobile',           'fax',     'emailpro',      'phonepro',     'B_streetnumber',   'B_streettype',     'B_address',     'B_city',       'B_zipcode',        'B_country',        'B_email',     'B_phone',       'dateofbirth',  'branchcode',       'categorycode',     'dateenrolled',  'dateexpiry',   'gonenoaddress',    'lost',     'debarred',      'contactname',  'contactfirstname', 'contacttitle',     'borrowernotes', 'relationship', 'ethnicity',        'ethnotes',     'sex',           'userid',       'opacnote',         'contactnote',     'password',      'sort1',        'sort2'
11                                         <ul>
12                                                 <li>
13                                             <span style="background-color: #ffe599">
14 TIP: Consult your system administrator if you are unsure of how to fill in the above fields.</span></li>
15                                                 <li>                                       
16                                            IMPORTANT: Make sure the 'branchcode' and 'categorycode' are valid entries in your database.</li>
17                                                 <li>Passwords should be stored in plain text, and will be encrypted as they're imported
18                                                 <ul>
19                                                         <li>
20                                                     <span style="background-color: #ffe599">
21 TIP: If your passwords are already encrypted, talk to your systems administrator about options.</span></li>
22                                                 </ul></li>
23                                         </ul></li>
24                                 </ul></li>
25                         </ul></li>
26                         <li>Select a file to import into the borrowers table</li>
27                         <li>If a cardnumber exists in the table, you can choose whether to ignore the new one or overwrite the old one.</li>
28                         <li>Click 'Import'</li>
29                         <li>You will be brought to a confirmation screen.</li>
30                 </ul>
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