* updates to make acquisition compatible with suggestions & serials
[wip/koha-chris_n.git] / acqui / finishreceive.pl
2004-08-12 tipaul* updates to make acquisition compatible with suggestio...
2004-07-13 tipaulcatalogue.pm deals only with acquisitions.
2003-09-18 tipaulall those fixes are related to translation improvement.
2003-03-07 tipaulbugfixes + adding buttons to switch between normal...
2003-03-03 tipaulbugfixes. seems to work better.
2003-02-27 tipaulroad to 1.9.2 :
2002-10-13 arensbReplaced expressions of the form "$x = $x <op> $y"...
2002-10-13 arensbAdded a FIXME comment.
2002-09-20 tipaullong is the road to 1.4.0
2002-08-14 tonnesenAdded copyright statement to all .pl and .pm files
2002-07-04 tipaulLong is the road to MARC..
2002-05-15 truth_nzPatch to acqui system to use new newbiblioitem() parameters
2002-05-12 truth_nzChanges to allow modifications to the website biblioitems
2002-05-09 truth_nzUpdate to catalogue to allow change of biblio abstracts.
2002-04-29 truth_nzModifications for new acqui.simple
2000-12-19 rangiInitial revision