2007-11-04 Owen LeonardMore interface changes for circulation: Further tweakin...
2007-11-04 Owen LeonardCorrections to links (usually hidden by javascript)
2007-11-04 Owen LeonardFixing layout broken by addition of guided reports...
2007-11-04 Owen LeonardCorrections to enable tabs, YUI toolbar
2007-11-04 Ryan Higginsitem-level itemtypes issuingrules require some testing.
2007-11-04 Ryan HigginsCouple of minor changes to staff client view on patron.
2007-11-04 Ryan HigginsSmall change to begin item-level itypes.
2007-11-04 Henri-Damien... Managing Independant branches.
2007-11-04 Henri-Damien... Removing Date::Manip
2007-11-04 Henri-Damien... If no serialsadditems, choosing status arrived would...
2007-11-04 Henri-Damien... call to plugins didnot work.
2007-11-04 Henri-Damien... BUG fixing : suivi.paulpoulain.com : 257
2007-11-04 Henri-Damien... Biblionumber information was not acurate.
2007-11-04 Joe AtzbergerPrint.pm: Dates.pm integration and cleanup.
2007-11-04 Joe AtzbergerAuth_with_ldap: work in progress.
2007-11-02 Owen LeonardSome formatting and layout chances to acquisitions...
2007-11-02 Owen LeonardCosmetic changes to moremember print screens
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonset DB rev to 020
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonfixed typo in 018 DB change
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonmade key on deleteditems.barcode non-unique
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonmade several PKs be auto_increment columns
2007-11-01 Joshua Ferrarofix to rightANDlefttruncation
2007-11-01 Joshua Ferraroremoving intranet.css from default sysprefs
2007-11-01 Mason Jamesbug-1494, fixed bookfund modify code
2007-11-01 Mason Jamesadded mod_validate block to aqbookfund.tmpl
2007-11-01 Mason Jamesfixed bookfund modify code
2007-11-01 Mason JamesModbookfund() now correctly updating all aqbudget.branc...
2007-11-01 Mason JamesWorking on fixing bug for acquisition bookfund modifyin...
2007-11-01 Owen LeonardMore work on circulation dialog. Adding files and style...
2007-11-01 Owen LeonardBeginning work on confirmation dialog
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonbugfix: bib delete button now working in catalogue...
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonfixed typo in statement for reports_dictionary
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonfixed extra warning during install.pl
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonsample patron data: removed insert with duplicate PK
2007-11-01 Galen Charltoncomment out version check warn
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonbugfix: deletedbiblioitems row now added upon delete...
2007-11-01 Galen Charltonfix transfer of marc_breeding to import_records/import_...
2007-11-01 Paul POULAINfixing export tool to export iso2709 correctly
2007-11-01 Paul POULAINbump to : adding columns to zebraqueue
2007-11-01 Paul POULAINfixing buildQuery call to new API
2007-11-01 Paul POULAINNote was declared twice + XXX :w,:p is illegal, one...
2007-11-01 Paul POULAINskip empty records (new GetMarcRecord behaviour that...
2007-11-01 Paul POULAINadding new line before the main entry
2007-11-01 Paul POULAINupdating install dependancies
2007-11-01 Henri-Damien... BugFixing: Suivi.paulpoulain.com Bug 275
2007-11-01 Henri-Damien... Adding titles to claimissues letter.
2007-11-01 Paul POULAINdealing with empty XML : return an empty string, and...
2007-11-01 Paul POULAINremoving a forgotten js alert
2007-11-01 Paul POULAINadding missing dependancies (needed by scheduler &...
2007-11-01 Paul POULAIN#1490 : Subscription add, seasonal numbering: no years...
2007-10-31 Joshua Ferraroescaping @a to avoid updatedatabase failure
2007-10-31 Mason Jamesfix for 1521, boolean test for 'autobarcode' syspref...
2007-10-31 Mason Jamesbug-1490, fixed seasonal-year drop-box
2007-10-31 Joshua Ferrarofixing fielded truncation
2007-10-31 Galen Charltonbatch import rework: added suport for loading and dropp...
2007-10-31 Galen Charltonquelled perl -w variable masking warnings
2007-10-31 Galen Charltoncorrect to prior action_logs patch
2007-10-31 Galen Charltonadded auto_number column as PK for action_logs
2007-10-31 Galen CharltonBiblio.pm - restored after duplicate application of
2007-10-31 Galen Charltonadded missing upgrade message
2007-10-31 Galen Charltonremoved references to import.pl and breeding.pl, which...
2007-10-31 Paul POULAINfixes in NoZebra search & indexing
2007-10-31 Paul POULAINreintroducing facets and sorting on OPAC
2007-10-31 Paul POULAINsetting UNIMARC parameter at the right place
2007-10-31 Paul POULAIN#1498 Template variable missing from koha2marclinks.pl
2007-10-31 Paul POULAINbugfix in MARC editor to deal with clonefield (+) that...
2007-10-31 Paul POULAINrevert kw,wrdl search (part 2)
2007-10-31 Paul POULAINShow images only if there is one
2007-10-31 Paul POULAINadding a fixed width to MARC editor label
2007-10-31 Paul POULAINreintroducing Add button in case of authority add
2007-10-31 Paul POULAINauthority ordering in cataloguing / search authority
2007-10-31 Paul POULAIN#1492 MARC subfields structure: can't switch to tab...
2007-10-31 Joshua Ferraronomenclature improvements
2007-10-31 Paul POULAIN#1491: Subscription add does not check for all required...
2007-10-31 Paul POULAINspecific plugin for Frantiq cnrs network
2007-10-31 Paul POULAINDO NOT return if SimpleSearch give no result, we need...
2007-10-30 Chris CormackFix for bug 1528, template not translatable
2007-10-30 Chris CormackFix to make the template translatable, bug 1528, and...
2007-10-30 Chris CormackAdding reports_dictionary table
2007-10-30 Paul POULAIN#1505 Primary Key on borrowernumber
2007-10-30 Paul POULAINfix related #1340 (z3950 search for quick cataloguing)
2007-10-30 Henri-Damien... Minor changes to keep behaviour unchanged if no marcfla...
2007-10-30 Chris CormackFix for bug 1527, removing Smart::Comments
2007-10-30 Paul POULAINfrench translation, updated
2007-10-30 Chris CormackGetting rid of windows chars
2007-10-30 Chris CormackRemoving windows linefeeds \r
2007-10-30 Joshua Ferraroadding SMS stuff so we don't forget about it
2007-10-30 Joshua Ferraroremoving TMPL_ELSE
2007-10-30 Joshua Ferrarofixing conflict in updatedatabase
2007-10-30 Joshua Ferraropatch to sysprefs and minor fix to Search.pm that
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferrarofixes to enable truncation to play nicely with
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferraromajor cleanup of buildQuery, creating some internal...
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferraromoving unimarc subtypes to an include, adding UNIMARC...
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferrarofixing re-sorting in staff client
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferrarofixing branch limits and searchdomain limits
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferrarofixes to searching:
2007-10-29 Joshua FerraroSearching Patch 1: fixing searching in 3.0
2007-10-29 Henri-Damien... Changes to install.pl
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferraroadding manage reviews to tools
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferraroimprovements to links in tools