2008-04-03 Galen CharltonSQL cleanup in new circ scripts: use placeholders
2008-04-03 Galen Charltonuse C4::Debug instead of checking DEBUG env var directly
2008-04-03 Galen Charltonfixed typo in template
2008-04-03 Galen CharltonXHTML fixes for various circ templates
2008-04-03 Galen Charltonchange references to 'reserves' in billing report template
2008-04-03 Galen Charltonvarious date-related cleanups in circ
2008-04-03 Galen Charltondisallow division by zero in hold ratio report
2008-04-03 Galen Charltonanother "Reserves" => "Hold" in template
2008-04-03 Galen Charltonminor circ template cleanup
2008-04-03 Darrell UlmAll patches to Koha 3 beta to date. All work with branches.
2008-04-03 Chris NighswongerAdding PATCRD print type
2008-04-01 Galen Charltonfixed locating OPAC stylesheet in a "standard" install
2008-04-01 Galen Charltonfixed MODS biblio export on a "standard" install
2008-04-01 Galen Charltonbug 1986: fix card view in Z39.50 search results
2008-04-01 Galen Charltonfixed memory leak I introduced
2008-04-01 Galen Charltonwork around issue in MARC::Charset
2008-04-01 Owen LeonardAdding a couple of missing YUI js files; Adding comment...
2008-04-01 Owen LeonardImproving comments style and markup, adding highlightin...
2008-04-01 Chris NighswongerCorrecting a small case-sensitive bug.
2008-04-01 Galen Charltonfor DebugLevel=2; improved reporting of version numbers
2008-04-01 Galen Charltonimproved formatting of fatal error messages sent to...
2008-04-01 Galen Charltonfixed invocation of CGI::Carp::set_message
2008-04-01 Andrew Moorebug 1890: fixing calls to C4::Search::SimpleSearch
2008-04-01 Andrew MooreBug 1980: adding parameters to C4::Search::SimpleSearch...
2008-04-01 Chris NighswongerAdding file size limit to picture-upload.pl
2008-04-01 Chris NighswongerFixes to make all label/patron card templates uniform
2008-04-01 Chris NighswongerAdding sample label form for Patron Cards
2008-04-01 Galen CharltonCatalogue => Search in staff home page
2008-04-01 Galen Charltonavoid croak on latest CVS version of MARC::Record
2008-04-01 Chris NighswongerMore work on patron card generation feature
2008-04-01 Chris NighswongerAdding member search to patron card generation feature
2008-04-01 Chris NighswongerWork on adding patron search to patron card generation...
2008-04-01 Owen LeonardTweaking the interface of OPAC shelves to more closely...
2008-04-01 Owen LeonardNotifying the user when they have selected no items...
2008-04-01 Owen LeonardVisual tweaks for login screen.
2008-04-01 Owen LeonardCorrection to prevent js error when table has no data.
2008-04-01 Ryan HigginsChange LateOrders to inclusive <=, s/supplier/vendor...
2008-03-25 Galen Charltonstill more rebuild_zebra refactoring
2008-03-25 Galen CharltonIMPORTANT: added -z option to rebuild_zebra.pl
2008-03-25 Galen Charltonrebuild_zebra: exit if both -a and -x specified
2008-03-25 Galen Charltonmore rebuild_zebra.pl refactoring
2008-03-25 Galen Charltonrefactor rebuild_zebra: new routine for invoking zebraidx
2008-03-25 Galen Charltonrebuild_zebra.pl: removed disused $limit option
2008-03-25 Owen LeonardMarkup corrections. Tweaking holds interface.
2008-03-25 Owen LeonardAdding function to empty cart when user logs out.
2008-03-25 Owen LeonardMarkup correction.
2008-03-25 Owen LeonardRemoving a couple of unused templates
2008-03-25 Owen LeonardRemoving old patronimages js check, adding missing...
2008-03-25 Owen LeonardReformatting holds list to better match checkouts list
2008-03-25 Owen LeonardFixing bug that caused all items in checked-out list...
2008-03-25 Owen LeonardFixing bug where language menu footer wouldn't "stick."
2008-03-25 Owen LeonardBeginning work on Calendar compatibility fixes
2008-03-25 Ryan HigginsSend borrower mods to branchemail instead of syspref.
2008-03-25 Ryan HigginsAdd print slip to hold confirmation dialog.
2008-03-25 Ryan HigginsReport borrower's home library on reserves library...
2008-03-23 Joshua Ferrarojust some notes for RMs :-)
2008-03-23 Joshua Ferraroupdating installation docs
2008-03-23 Joshua Ferraroupdating release notes
2008-03-23 Joshua Ferraroupdating translations for release
2008-03-23 Joshua FerraroTwo utilities to help manage translations
2008-03-22 Joshua FerraroAdding some new translations
2008-03-22 Joshua FerraroUpdating translations for release
2008-03-22 Joshua FerraroExperimental XSLT-based display of results and details...
2008-03-22 Galen Charltondo not let MARC::Batch open MARC files
2008-03-22 Galen Charltonremove some unneeded use statements
2008-03-22 Owen LeonardFixing branch select onChange() function, hopefully...
2008-03-22 Galen Charltonpartial fix for bug 1417
2008-03-22 Andrew Moorebug: 1953. cleaning up Acquisition::NewOrder just a...
2008-03-22 Andrew Moorebug: 1953. using placeholders in C4::Acquisition::NewOrder.
2008-03-22 Andrew Moorebug 1953: using placeholders in C4::Acquisition::GetParcel
2008-03-22 Andrew Moorebug 1953: using placeholders in C4::Acquisition::GetParcel
2008-03-22 Owen LeonardSome reworking of suggestions management interface...
2008-03-22 Henri-Damien... bug fix : 1804 : Now empty authorities and empty search...
2008-03-22 Henri-Damien... Bug fixing : 1746 : password was not escaped.
2008-03-22 Henri-Damien... Some Bugfixing for Acquisitions : ModOrderReceive would...
2008-03-22 Henri-Damien... bug fixing : when closing a basket, supplier was search...
2008-03-20 Joshua Ferrarodon't display the name of the library in singleBranchMode
2008-03-20 Joshua Ferrarofixing singlebranchmode display issues
2008-03-20 Joshua Ferraroadding OPACShelfbrowse to OPAC tab
2008-03-20 Joshua Ferrarofixing availability limit
2008-03-20 Joshua Ferraroadding title indexes for 780
2008-03-20 Joshua Ferrarodon't show library facet if singleBranchMode is ON
2008-03-20 Joshua FerraroAdding a couple benchmark scripts
2008-03-20 Joshua Ferraroobey opaclanguagesdisplay syspref
2008-03-19 Andrew Moorebug 1953: use bind variables in C4::Acquisition::GetPen...
2008-03-19 Andrew Mooreuse bind variables in C4::Acquisition::GetPendingOrders
2008-03-19 Owen LeonardMarkup correction.
2008-03-19 Owen LeonardFix to enable OPACUserCSS preference (allows user to...
2008-03-19 Owen LeonardMore changes to properly implement opacuserlogin prefer...
2008-03-19 Owen LeonardChanges to properly implement opacuserlogin preference.
2008-03-19 Owen LeonardChanges to allow highlighting of current tab on user...
2008-03-19 Owen LeonardUpdates to tweak the way suggestions and suggestions...
2008-03-19 Chris NighswongerCommenting out unused call to get_batches.
2008-03-19 Chris NighswongerModifications to viewlog.pl to keep it in the context...
2008-03-19 Chris NighswongerCorrecting warn concerning kohaversion.
2008-03-19 Chris NighswongerUpdating patronimages syspref to reflect current syspre...
2008-03-19 Galen Charltonuse bind variables in GetBorrowersWhoHaveNotBorrowedSin...
2008-03-19 Galen Charltonmore old_issues SQL cleanup
2008-03-19 Galen CharltonRevert "Updatedatabase UPDATE For more_subfields_xml...
2008-03-19 Henri-Damien... More problems with old_issues.