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Bug 26736: Compare values of reports log entries

This patch adds the ability to compare the log entries for reports
in the system log. The user can select two entries in the log search
results and view a diff of the two versions.

To test, apply the patch and check that the  ReportsLog system
preference is enabled. If it isn't, enable it and make some changes to
saved SQL reports so that you have log entries to test with.

This is a trivial patch that simply adds "REPORTS" type log entries to
the list of modules which can be selected for comparison. The full test
plan is basically the same as that for Bug 26207:

- Perform a search for log entries in the "Reports" module.
- In the results, each entry for a report update should have a
  "Compare" checkbox."
- Check one of the checkboxes.
- The table should now be filtered by the report title. This
  facilitates meaningful selections for comparison.
- You should see a message displayed onscreen, "Showing results
  for...[report name]"
- The "Check none" link in the toolbar above the table should now be
- If youy click the "Compare selected" link in the toolbar at this
  stage you should get a message, "You must select two entries to
- If you uncheck the checkbox the table should return to an unfiltered
- Check two checkboxes.
- The "Compare selected" link in the toolbar should now be enabled.
- Next to each of the checkboxes you checked should be a "View
  comparison" link.
- Clicking either of the "View comparison" links or the "Compare
  selected" link should trigger a modal with the diff view of the two
  reports log entries.
- Try to select a third checkbox. You should get a message, "You can
  select a maximum of two checkboxes." The box should remain unchecked.
- Test that unchecking both checkboxes manually clears the table filter.
- Test that the "Check none" link works to uncheck checked boxes and
  clear the table filter.

Signed-off-by: Séverine QUEUNE <>

Signed-off-by: Katrin Fischer <>

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Druart <>
Owen Leonard 11 months ago
committed by Jonathan Druart
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@ -328,7 +328,7 @@
[% IF ( loopro.module == 'CIRCULATION' ) %]
<a href="/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/[% | uri %]&amp;biblionumber=[% loopro.biblionumber | uri %]&amp;bi=[% loopro.biblioitemnumber | uri %]#item[% | uri %]" title="Display detail for this item">Item [% loopro.barcode | html %]</a>
[% ELSE %]
[% IF loopro.module == "SYSTEMPREFERENCE" %]
[% IF loopro.module == "SYSTEMPREFERENCE" || loopro.module == "REPORTS" %]
<div class="loginfo" id="loginfo[% loopro.action_id | html %]">[% | trim | html %]</div>
<div class="compare_info" id="compare_info[% loopro.action_id | html %]">
<label><input type="checkbox" name="diff" id="action_id[% loopro.action_id | html %]" data-actionid="[% loopro.action_id | html %]" data-filter="[% FOREACH info IN' \| ') %][% IF loop.first %][% info | html %][% END %][% END %]" class="compare" /> Compare</label>