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Bug 21177: Use koha-conf.xml in misc/devel/

It is annoying to have to specify database connection parameters each
time DBIx::Class files need to be updated.

This patch adds a new option --koha-conf that takes an optional <path>
which defaults to the value of KOHA_CONF environment variable, and use
the database connection parameters found in that file.
--db_* options override values from $KOHA_CONF

Test plan:
1. Run the script with the same parameters as before the patch and see
   that it still works.
     misc/devel/ --db_name koha_dev \
     --db_user koha --db_pass koha

2. Verify that KOHA_CONF is set and execute:
     misc/devel/ --koha-conf
   Verify that Koha/Schema files were updated accordingly

3. Execute:
    misc/devel/ --koha-conf \
   Verify that Koha/Schema files were updated accordingly

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Druart <>
Signed-off-by: Marcel de Rooy <>
Signed-off-by: Martin Renvoize <>
Julian Maurice 5 years ago
committed by Martin Renvoize
Signed by: martin.renvoize GPG Key ID: 422B469130441A0F
  1. 64


@ -25,13 +25,20 @@ use DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader qw/ make_schema_at /;
use Getopt::Long;
use Pod::Usage;
my %db_defaults = (
driver => 'mysql',
host => 'localhost',
port => '3306',
my $path = "./";
my $db_driver = 'mysql';
my $db_host = 'localhost';
my $db_port = '3306';
my $db_driver;
my $db_host;
my $db_port;
my $db_name;
my $db_user;
my $db_passwd;
my $koha_conf;
my $help;
@ -42,12 +49,48 @@ GetOptions(
"db_name=s" => \$db_name,
"db_user=s" => \$db_user,
"db_passwd=s" => \$db_passwd,
"koha-conf:s" => \$koha_conf,
"h|help" => \$help
# If we were asked for usage instructions, do it
pod2usage(1) if defined $help;
if (defined $koha_conf) {
if ($koha_conf eq '' and not defined $ENV{KOHA_CONF}) {
print STDERR "Error: KOHA_CONF is not defined\n";
$koha_conf ||= $ENV{KOHA_CONF};
unless (-r $koha_conf) {
print STDERR "Error: File $koha_conf does not exist or is not readable\n";
require C4::Context;
my $context = C4::Context->new($koha_conf);
unless ($context) {
print STDERR "Error: Koha context creation failed. Please check that $koha_conf is correct\n";
$db_defaults{driver} = $context->config('db_scheme');
$db_defaults{host} = $context->config('hostname');
$db_defaults{port} = $context->config('port');
$db_defaults{name} = $context->config('database');
$db_defaults{user} = $context->config('user');
$db_defaults{passwd} = $context->config('pass');
$db_driver //= $db_defaults{driver};
$db_host //= $db_defaults{host};
$db_port //= $db_defaults{port};
$db_name //= $db_defaults{name};
$db_user //= $db_defaults{user};
$db_passwd //= $db_defaults{passwd};
if (! defined $db_name ) {
print "Error: \'db_name\' parameter is mandatory.\n";
@ -68,8 +111,8 @@ misc/devel/
=head1 SYNOPSIS --db_name=db-name --db_user=db-user \
--db_passwd=db-pass ... [--koha-conf <path>] --db_name=db-name \
--db_user=db-user --db_passwd=db-pass ...
The command in usually called from the root directory for the Koha source tree.
If you are running from another directory, use the --path switch to specify
@ -79,6 +122,15 @@ a different path.
=over 8
=item B<--koha-conf> <path>
Path to koha-conf.xml from which DB connection params will be retrieved.
<path> is optional and defaults to the value of environment variable KOHA_CONF,
if set. It is an error to omit the <path> if KOHA_CONF is not set.
Any B<--db_*> options will override values retrieved from <path>.
=item B<--db_name>
DB name. (mandatory)
@ -111,4 +163,4 @@ path into which create the schema files. (defaults to './')
prints this help text