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Bug 29496: CheckMandatorySubfields don't work properly with select field in

Since one of the patches of BZ 27526 (Bug 27526: Fix mandatory and
important checks), CheckMandatorySubfields use the class
"input_marceditor" but in file this class is not set for
all field (it is present on text input but not on select input) 5
9- Check that no error appear and that your item has been created.

In consequence if a select field is set as mandatory, it is detected as
missing even if it is filed and so you can't submit the form and receive
the new serial.

Test plan:
0- Be sure to be in a version of koha where the patch that introduces
   the bug is present (it is present in master since Jul 8 2021 (it is
   present in and will be pushed in 21.11.00)
1- Create (or find) a subscription for a biblio record and select the
   option "Create an item record when receiving this serial"
2- Be sure to have at least one mandatory subfield that is filed with a
   select input in the framework used by the biblio record. (ex: 995$b,
   995$c or 995$e in unimarc; 952$a, 952$b or 952$c in marc21)
3- From the subscription-detail page click on "Receive"
4- Change the status to "Arrived" and fill the item form that appears.
5- Click on "Save"
6- Check that an error box appear with the message " Form not submitted
   because of the following problem(s) 1 mandatory fields empty
   (highlighted)" (the number can be different according to the number of
   concerned subfields)
7- Apply the patch
8- Repeat step 3 to 5
9- Check that no error appear and that your item has been created

JD amended patch: remove comma to separate classes

Signed-off-by: Marcel de Rooy <>

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Druart <>
Marion Durand 2 years ago
committed by Jonathan Druart
  1. 2


@ -246,7 +246,7 @@ $(document).ready(function() {
<label>[% iteminformatio.subfield | html %] - [% iteminformatio.marc_lib | $raw %]</label>
[% END %]
[% IF ( iteminformatio.marc_value.type == 'select' ) %]
<select name="field_value" class="select2">
<select name="field_value" class="select2 input_marceditor">
[% FOREACH value IN iteminformatio.marc_value.values %]
[% IF ( value == iteminformatio.marc_value.default ) %]
<option value="[% value | html %]" selected="selected">[% iteminformatio.marc_value.labels.$value | html %]</option>