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Bug 30551: Make cash register report take branchcode from cash register

This patch makes it so cash register reports puts branchcode from the
cash register where the payment was made into "Transaction library"
column instead of taking the branchcode of the manager.

Test plan:
1- Use cash registers (administration > system preferences > UseCashRegisters)
2- Create another library if you only have one (administration > libraries > new library)
3- Create a cash register in each library if they don't already have one (administration > cash registers > new cash register)
4- Create a fee on your own account and pay it right after in both libraries.
5- Go to reports > cash register and generate the statistics.
6- Notice "transaction library" in both rows are the same even though the fees were paid in two different libraries and two different cash registers.
7- Apply the patch and click submit to re-generate statistics
8- Notice it now shows the correct library where the transactions were done

Signed-off-by: David Nind <>

Signed-off-by: Katrin Fischer <>
Signed-off-by: Fridolin Somers <>
Shi Yao Wang 10 months ago
committed by Fridolin Somers
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@ -108,7 +108,8 @@ if ($do_it) {
FROM accountlines al
LEFT JOIN borrowers bo ON (al.borrowernumber = bo.borrowernumber)
LEFT JOIN borrowers m ON (al.manager_id = m.borrowernumber)
LEFT JOIN branches br ON (br.branchcode = m.branchcode )
LEFT JOIN cash_registers cr ON (al.register_id =
LEFT JOIN branches br ON (br.branchcode = cr.branch)
LEFT JOIN items i ON (i.itemnumber = al.itemnumber)
LEFT JOIN biblio bi ON (bi.biblionumber = i.biblionumber)
LEFT JOIN account_credit_types act ON (al.credit_type_code = act.code)