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Bug 13169: C4::Templates::themelanguage fails if the DB is not populated

With the aim to remove hardcoded themes the C4::Templates::themelanguage
got dependent on the DB being populated. This patch reintroduced the
hardcoded defaults as a last resort.

To test:
- Do a fresh install, clean your browser's cache, empty DB
- Open the staff interface
=> FAIL: A "Software error" screen shows "Template process failed: file error..."
- Apply the patch
- Reload
=> SUCCESS: The webinstaller prompts for login correctly.
- Sign off :-D


Signed-off-by: Nick Clemens <>

Signed-off-by: Katrin Fischer <>
Signed-off-by: Tomas Cohen Arazi <>
Tomás Cohen Arazi 8 years ago
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@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ use strict;
use warnings;
use Carp;
use CGI;
use List::MoreUtils qw/any/;
use List::MoreUtils qw/any uniq/;
# Copyright 2009 Chris Cormack and The Koha Dev Team
@ -250,9 +250,20 @@ sub gettemplate {
# FIXME - Rewritten to remove hardcoded theme with minimal changes, need to be rethinked
=head2 themelanguage
my ($theme,$lang,\@themes) = themelanguage($htdocs,$tmpl,$interface,query);
This function returns the theme and language to be used for rendering the UI.
It also returns the list of themes that should be applied as a fallback. This is
used for the theme overlay feature (i.e. if a file doesn't exist on the requested
theme, fallback to the configured fallback).
Important: this function is used on the webinstaller too, so always consider
the use case where the DB is not populated already when rewriting/fixing.
sub themelanguage {
my ($htdocs, $tmpl, $interface, $query) = @_;
($query) or warn "no query in themelanguage";
@ -261,20 +272,31 @@ sub themelanguage {
my $lang = C4::Languages::getlanguage($query);
# Get theme
my @themes = ( C4::Context->preference( ($interface eq 'intranet') ? 'template' : 'opacthemes' ) );
my $fallback = C4::Context->preference( ($interface eq 'intranet') ? 'template' : 'OPACFallback' );
push @themes, $fallback;
my @themes;
my $theme_syspref = ($interface eq 'intranet') ? 'template' : 'opacthemes';
my $fallback_syspref = ($interface eq 'intranet') ? 'template' : 'OPACFallback';
# Yeah, hardcoded, last resort if the DB is not populated
my $hardcoded_theme = ($interface eq 'intranet') ? 'prog' : 'bootstrap';
# Configured theme is the first one
push @themes, C4::Context->preference( $theme_syspref )
if C4::Context->preference( $theme_syspref );
# Configured fallback next
push @themes, C4::Context->preference( $fallback_syspref )
if C4::Context->preference( $fallback_syspref );
# The hardcoded fallback theme is the last one
push @themes, $hardcoded_theme;
# Try to find first theme for the selected theme/lang, then for fallback/lang
for my $theme (@themes) {
if ( -e "$htdocs/$theme/$lang/modules/$tmpl" ) {
return ($theme, $lang, \@themes);
return ( $theme, $lang, uniq( \@themes ) );
# Otherwise return theme/'en', last resort fallback/'en'
for my $theme (@themes) {
if ( -e "$htdocs/$theme/en/modules/$tmpl" ) {
return ($theme, 'en', \@themes);
return ( $theme, 'en', uniq( \@themes ) );