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Bug 26763: Use standard information style for multi-hold message

This patch modifies the markup of the message which is displayed when
the patron tries to place a hold on a title they already have a hold on.
Now the message is styled consistently with other similar messages.

To test, apply the patch and follow the steps used to test Bug 19718:

- In Administration -> Circulation and fine rules, set a rule to allow
  multiple holds on a title.
- Log in to the OPAC as a user covered by the above rule and locate
  a bibliographic record on which multiple holds can be placed.
- Place a hold on the record.
- Return to the record details for that title and place another hold.
- You should see a correctly-styled message about having at least one
  other hold on the record.

Signed-off-by: David Nind <>

Signed-off-by: Katrin Fischer <>

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Druart <>
Owen Leonard 11 months ago
committed by Jonathan Druart
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@ -166,7 +166,7 @@
[% FOREACH bibitemloo IN bibitemloop %]
<div class="holdrow">
[% IF bibitemloo.forced_hold_level %]
<span class="forced_hold_level"><h3>
<div class="alert alert-info forced_hold_level">
[% IF bibitemloo.forced_hold_level == 'item' %]
You already have at least one item level hold on this title.
All further holds must be item level.
@ -174,7 +174,7 @@
You already have at least one record level hold on this title.
All further holds must be record level.
[% END %]
[% END %]
[% IF ( bibitemloo.holdable ) %]