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Bug 29183: Add some documentation around query filtering

Signed-off-by: Tomas Cohen Arazi <>

Signed-off-by: Kyle M Hall <>

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Druart <>
Martin Renvoize 1 year ago
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Note: Some routes might offer additional attributes in their error responses but that's
subject to change and thus not documented.
## Filtering responses
The API allows for some advanced response filtering using a json based query syntax that
can be added as a query parameter, `q=` or in the request body.
For simple field equality matches we can use `{ "fieldname": "value" }` where the fieldname
matches one of the fields as described in the particular endpoints response object.
We can refine that with more complex matching clauses by nesting a the clause into the
object; `{ "fieldname": { "clause": "value" } }`.
Available matching clauses include ">", "<", ">=", "<=", "-like", and "-not_like".
We can filter on multiple fields by adding them to the JSON respresentation. Adding at `HASH`
level will result in an 'AND' query, whilst combinding them in an `ARRAY` wilth result in an
'OR' query: `{ "field1": 'value2', "field2": "value2" }` will filter the response to only those
results with both field1 containing value2 AND field2 containing value2 for example.
### Examples
The following request would return any patron with firstname "Henry" and lastname "Acevedo";
`curl -u koha:koha --request GET '' --data-raw '{ "surname": "Acevedo", "firstname": "Henry" }'`
The following request would return any patron whose lastname begins with "Ace";
`curl -u koha:koha --request GET '' --data-raw '{ "surname": { "-like": "Ace%" }'`
The following request would return any patron whilse lastname is 'Acevedo' OR 'Bernardo'
`curl -u koha:koha --request GET '' --data-raw '{ "surname": [ "Acevedo", "Bernardo" ] }'`
## Special headers
### x-koha-library