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Bug 26705: Make Koha::Email->send_or_die handle Bcc

Koha used to rely on Mail::Sendmail for sending emails. As an SMTP
client, the library took the job of extracting Bcc headers (and removing
them) to pass them along with the recipients listed on To: and Cc: to
the SMTP protocol in the form of RCPT TO: lines. [1]

This was overlooked when we moved to Email::Stuffer/Email::Simple and
there's a different behavior, that is a design decision [2].

This patchset re-introduces the behavior from Mail::Sendmail by
overriding the send_or_die method locally (in Koha::Email) and doing the
right thing.

Unless an explicit {to} parameter is passed, it extracts the recipients
from the headers, as Mail::Sendmail does, and calls
$self->SUPER::send_or_die with the right parameters.

To test:
1. Apply the regression tests
2. Run:
   $ kshell
  k$ prove t/Koha/Email.t
=> FAIL: Bcc is not handled correctly!
3. Apply this patch
4. Repeat 2
=> SUCCESS: Tests pass! The recipients list is correct! No Bcc header
5. Sign off :-D


Signed-off-by: Martin Renvoize <>

Signed-off-by: Kyle M Hall <>

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Druart <>
Tomás Cohen Arazi 2 years ago
committed by Jonathan Druart
  1. 34


@ -136,4 +136,38 @@ sub create {
return $email;
=head3 send_or_die
$email->send_or_die({ transport => $transport [, $args] });
Overloaded Email::Stuffer I<send_or_die> method, that takes care of Bcc handling.
Bcc is removed from the message headers, and included in the recipients list to be
passed to I<send_or_die>.
sub send_or_die {
my ( $self, $args ) = @_;
unless ( $args->{to} ) { # don't do it if passed an explicit 'to' param
my @recipients;
# extract all recipient addresses from header
foreach my $header ( 'To', 'Cc', 'Bcc' ) {
push @recipients,
map { $_->as_string }
# Remove the Bcc header
# Tweak $args
$args->{to} = \@recipients;