42342 Commits (master)

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  Jonathan Druart e917b5788c Bug 28519: Add lib to koha-shell 2 days ago
  David Cook 40089a0a53 Bug 28519: Put CGI::Session::Serialize::yamlxs in lib directory 1 week ago
  Jonathan Druart 323acde991 Revert "Bug 20985: Unit tests" 3 days ago
  Jonathan Druart 3d5fa815be Revert "Bug 20985: Add OnShelfHoldsAllowed checks to CanItemBeReserved" 3 days ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi 602331127e Bug 28503: (follow-up) Get rid of tests warnings 4 days ago
  Nick Clemens acb0fdb688 Bug 28503: Compare item homebranch to patron branch when hold policy set to 'from_home_library' 2 weeks ago
  Nick Clemens 19f2684d5a Bug 28503: Unit tests 2 weeks ago
  Owen Leonard 6fdbf5cce0 Bug 28488: Javascript error in self-checkout (__ is not defined) 1 week ago
  Jonathan Druart 5b21b42afa Bug 28518: Display missing inputs for "Return to the last advanced search" 2 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart a56c4f63ba Bug 28383: Fix itemsearch when accessed from the login form 1 week ago
  Arthur Suzuki a151d7ba0f Bug 20985: Add OnShelfHoldsAllowed checks to CanItemBeReserved 7 months ago
  Arthur Suzuki 5600f7e23e Bug 20985: Unit tests 2 years ago
  Katrin Fischer 5b86322b4a Bug 28467: (QA follow-up) Remove errorenous space in borrowers.lastseen 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Fuerste-Henry f8c59169b4 Bug 28467: Update wording of TrackLastPatronActivity syspref 2 weeks ago
  Joonas Kylmälä 97f6d9a087 Bug 28520: Allow creating a transfer back automatically if a hold is canceled during transit 1 week ago
  Joonas Kylmälä 939aa2c868 Bug 28520: Bring back TransferCancellation reason handling from reverted Bug 12362 1 week ago
  Joonas Kylmälä 39e88fc1f7 Bug 28520: Revert "Bug 12362: Reverse transfer upon cancellation" 1 week ago
  Joonas Kylmälä fb7cf86879 Bug 28520: Revert "Bug 12362: Cancel transfer with hold cancelation" 1 week ago
  Joonas Kylmälä cea528dbf3 Bug 28520: Revert "Bug 12362: (QA follow-up) Fix ModItemTransfer cancellation handling" 1 week ago
  Martin Renvoize 28a154a02c Bug 24434: DBIC Update 1 week ago
  Jonathan Druart a99f0a77d6 Bug 24434: DBRev 4 days ago
  Martin Renvoize 8128b0d8f1 Bug 24434: Add 'WrongTransfer' to cancellation_reasons 1 month ago
  Martin Renvoize e75ecdea92 Bug 24434: Submit on print slip 1 month ago
  Martin Renvoize ba678553ce Bug 24434: Unit tests for updateWrongTransfer 1 month ago
  Martin Renvoize fb413a87d1 Bug 24434: Add Unit Tests for relations 1 month ago
  Martin Renvoize b031ec5845 Bug 24434: Reinstate updateWrongTransfer 1 month ago
  Joonas Kylmälä b0f9033f13 Bug 27064: Correct transferbook.t tests to reflect new behaviour of transferbook() 4 days ago
  Alexis Ripetti c66ddc0926 Bug 28350: Fix borrowernotes sorting for patron search 1 month ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi 333ee72600 Bug 28338: Default to holding branch to save clicks 1 month ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi 7fbb07ba59 Bug 28338: Make item-level holds use locally defined pickup branches 1 month ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi bbe424dcfb Bug 27931: Add GET /items/:item_id/pickup_locations 3 months ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi 8f0fe0c6f0 Bug 27931: Unit tests 3 months ago
  Nick Clemens d75b0c7c72 Bug 28538: Insert formatted date if valid 1 week ago
  Jonathan Druart db35077e76 Bug 28487: Fallback to default template in overdue_notices 2 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart 01734a9ca3 Bug 28490: DBRev 5 days ago
  Joonas Kylmälä 7a0de31b0a Bug 28490: Add DBIx schema changes for testing 1 week ago
  Joonas Kylmälä 64afd5e24d Bug 28490: Bring back accidentally deleted relationship columns 2 weeks ago
  Joonas Kylmälä 26bf540268 Bug 28490: Comment out the relationship data removing DB update step 2 weeks ago
  Joonas Kylmälä bc1c556ebd Bug 28490: Revert "Bug 26995: Drop column relationship from borrowers, deletedborrowers and borrower_modifications tables" 2 weeks ago
  Joonas Kylmälä 07b8008a03 Bug 28490: Revert "Bug 26995: Remove references to relationship column" 2 weeks ago
  Joonas Kylmälä ebece43a96 Bug 28490: Revert "Bug 26995: Fix SQL syntax error on the about page" 2 weeks ago
  Joonas Kylmälä 640068ed5c Bug 28490: Revert "Bug 26995: Remove occurrences in sample_patrons.yml" 2 weeks ago
  Joonas Kylmälä 1c0bf00f9d Bug 28490: Revert "Bug 26995: Remove one remaining occurrence in moremember" 2 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart df5c500843 Bug 28489: DBIC schema changes 5 days ago
  Jonathan Druart 0e8a2d58af Bug 28489: DBRev 5 days ago
  Jonathan Druart a502ae7b68 Bug 28489: Don't deal with encoding during the serialization 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Nugged 1887f3b53f Bug 28489: POD - CGI::Session::Serialize::yamlxs for CGI::Session 2 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart 8df6ac9c88 Bug 28489: Add selenium tests 2 weeks ago
  Julian Maurice 58b56de1c4 Bug 28489: Modify sessions.a_session from longtext to longblob (kohastructure.sql) 2 weeks ago
  Julian Maurice 0e1ca19a48 Bug 28489: Modify sessions.a_session from longtext to longblob 2 weeks ago