45346 Commits (master)

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Martin Renvoize b9a755d795
Bug 30695: (follow-up) Fix selenium test 1 day ago
Katrin Fischer 7660861d40 Bug 30720: Batch action links in result list missing permission checks 5 days ago
Aleisha Amohia ef07981628 Bug 30701: Make Upload Tool buttons work on mobile-size screen 2 weeks ago
Fridolin Somers 1eb3dcbc06 Bug 30740: Link to authorities 'used in' should not use equal 6 days ago
Nick Clemens 55cc212787 Bug 29719: Do not clear onloan value when not passed in MARC 4 months ago
Nick Clemens b79608edd3 Bug 29719: Unit tests 4 months ago
Kyle Hall 2d56fb7e84 Bug 30207: Allow any reserveforothers subpermission to access the page 1 week ago
Kyle Hall 3a13667ad3 Bug 30207: Librarians with only "place_holds" permission can no longer update hold pickup locations 3 months ago
Kyle Hall 84f7b7a7a3 Bug 30666: Holds reminder cronjob (holds_reminder.pl) uses DataTime::subtract wrong 2 weeks ago
Kyle Hall a7e7939748 Bug 30667: Holds reminder cronjob (holds_reminder.pl) never uses default letter template 2 weeks ago
Owen Leonard 49fec1549b Bug 30422: Authorities editor update broke the feature added by Bug 20154 2 months ago
Shi Yao Wang c1a485bf1c Bug 30139: Same fix for the other javascript moneyFormat function 5 days ago
Shi Yao Wang b69e743ee3 Bug 30139: Fix javascript moneyFormat to be compatible with FR format 1 week ago
Marcel de Rooy e0814f2cc0 Bug 30717: (QA follow-up) Move to module 5 days ago
Jonathan Druart a3870cc25b Bug 30717: Format dates when editing items 1 week ago
Owen Leonard 656e864e6b Bug 30721: Markup error in detail page's component parts tab 1 week ago
Nick Clemens 0dff67d0df
Bug 30728: (QA follow-up) Fix missing comma 5 days ago
Andreas Jonsson a45154e34a Bug 30520: Allow BatchImport to be used by command line tools. 1 month ago
Owen Leonard 4078720198 Bug 30689: Incorrect Babeltheque setting can cause console warning 2 weeks ago
Fridolin Somers 92e37d5630 Bug 30728: Fix typo 'in real time' 5 days ago
Fridolin Somers ac95c0a8b7 Bug 30728: BDRev 5 days ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi 056000e431 Bug 30728: Make RealTimeHoldsQueue disabled by default 1 week ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi af1f8d34db Bug 30728: Only trigger real-time holds queue update if enabled 1 week ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi b952519c26 Bug 30728: Add unit tests 1 week ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi 75768ad124 Bug 30728: Add RealTimeHoldsQueue syspref 1 week ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi a3ac2a20dd Bug 30727: Avoid holds queue updates multiple times on BatchDeleteBiblio 1 week ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi c4df2457de Bug 30727: Regression tests 1 week ago
Marcel de Rooy d7c8de7e7f Bug 30734: Fix BackgroundJob.t 6 days ago
Martin Renvoize b5462a72ae
Bug 27619: (QA follow-up) Remove xt/sample_notices.t 1 week ago
Martin Renvoize 4a2d659b7d Bug 30695: (QA follow-up) Catch moremember.tt too 2 weeks ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi ac461ec797 Bug 30695: Display tabs more consistently in patron details 2 weeks ago
Fridolin Somers 3b6fd415b4 Bug 30127: By default show pending suggestions tab 3 weeks ago
Jonathan Druart 1473575317 Bug 30603: Fix other occurrences 1 week ago
Jonathan Druart bc235e72ce Bug 30603: Display Sort1 and Sort2 as free text if no AV exists 1 week ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi 63002fa589 Bug 30710: (QA follow-up) Add POD 1 week ago
Nick Clemens a3649905df Bug 30710: Build holds queue once per biblio when batch deleting items 2 weeks ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi a10f88bd3e Bug 30710: Regression tests 1 week ago
Fridolin Somers fb0eecfc6e Bug 13142: DBRev 1 week ago
Katrin Fischer 38db9932d2 Bug 13142: (QA follow-up) Convert database update to current format 3 weeks ago
Katrin Fischer 32ea1742f8 Bug 13412: (QA follow-up) Rephrase and link system preference descriptions 3 weeks ago
Katrin Fischer 985fcf970c Bug 13412: (QA follow-up) Fix alphabetic order in sysprefs.sql 3 weeks ago
Roch D'Amour 55d1e68024 Bug 13412: Allow configuration of auto-created authorities 4 years ago
Alex Buckley da93be46ff Bug 30511: Don't lock up entire database while running koha-dump 1 month ago
Jonathan Druart cdb6f28139
Bug 27619: Remove fr-FR installer data 3 weeks ago
Jonathan Druart dc49899705
Bug 27619: Add custom for fr-FR 12 months ago
George Veranis 594adf2190 Bug 20615: Add the link of number of times the authority are used in edit mode 3 months ago
Lucas Gass fa13ec2e93 Bug 30510: Add Patron reason column to suggestion tables 1 month ago
Fridolin Somers 350cf44770 Bug 23352: DBRev 1 week ago
Alex Buckley d6b898fd03 Bug 23352: Update DBIC schema 5 months ago
Alex Buckley 68c697f7a2 Bug 23352: (follow-up) Fix QA test failure 1 month ago