48209 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Katrin Fischer 442c6c115e
Bug 32546: Move ILL system preferences into their own tab in administration 2 weeks ago
Lucas Gass 176397d761
Bug 32655: Move phone and itiva variables into templates 3 weeks ago
Caroline Cyr La Rose 09bd0268f7
Bug 32785: Typo: Maximum number of simultaneus pickups per interval (curbside pickups) 3 days ago
Pedro Amorim 4734ee5d00
Bug 32793: import_patrons.pl typo in usage 3 days ago
Hammat Wele a20dec603b
Bug 28314: Spinning icon is not always going away for local covers in staff 2 weeks ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi ba40541038
Bug 30962: (QA follow-up) Rename attribute and simplify tests 1 week ago
David Cook ac5fbd1eb6
Bug 30962: Add unit tests for /auth/password/validation endpoint 1 month ago
David Cook a8a356404c
Bug 30962: REST API: Add endpoint /auth/password/validation 8 months ago
Owen Leonard 410b9ee35f
Bug 32672: Incorrect CSS path to jquery-ui 2 weeks ago
Kyle Hall 2570062d25
Bug 32537: (QA follow-up): Tidy code 1 month ago
Kyle Hall b1867f8485
Bug 32537: (QA follow-up) Don't allow invalid no block values 1 month ago
Nick Clemens 0880d80949
Bug 32537: Add no-block option to SIP cli emulator 1 month ago
Nick Clemens 6f606e00c5
Bug 32797: Check if fields have a value, not if true 2 days ago
Jonathan Druart 3bf31ae4d4
Bug 32673: Remove misc/load_testing/ scripts 2 weeks ago
Marcel de Rooy 89ff35b025
Bug 32612: (QA follow-up) Add missing interface for Logger 2 days ago
Marcel de Rooy 94cb6925d4
Bug 32612: (QA follow-up) Remove worker.log 2 days ago
Marcel de Rooy c37c3e874c
Bug 32612: (QA follow-up) Remove more unneeded appender lines 2 days ago
Kyle Hall cb1da500ec
Bug 32612: (QA follow-up) Update package files 2 days ago
Kyle Hall 09e0f8e30d
Bug 32612: (QA follow-up) Remove superfluous line 3 days ago
Nick Clemens 3b1f2c57ea
Bug 32612: Add worker-error to log4perl conf 3 weeks ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi 1b6e9c7bd1 Bug 32712: (QA follow-up) Add missing include 2 days ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi a4999a2895 Bug 32741: Fix {biblios|authorities}/bib1.att duplicate codes 1 week ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi 7451330729 Bug 32741: Regression tests 1 week ago
Jonathan Druart d8022865ca Bug 32779: ERM - Fix import from list 3 days ago
Jonathan Druart 4288ba2ff8 Bug 32779: Add tests 3 days ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi a454653629 Bug 32401: Remove x-koha-query support 2 months ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi 96cba5503c Bug 32409: Fix cashup searching with non latin-1 chars 2 months ago
David Cook 9248a0ef1f Bug 32406: Switch acq datatable from headers to query param 2 months ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi f61a24a807 Bug 20256: DBRev 3 days ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi 15d1c6910f Bug 20256: DBIC schema 3 days ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi 4315a61447 Bug 20256: (QA follow-up) Make atomicupdate idempotent 3 days ago
Kyle Hall 8ea0fc43ca Bug 20256: Add unit tests 4 years ago
Kyle Hall e84d5ccb6c Bug 20256: Use new methods 4 years ago
Kyle Hall be3d1ac857
Bug 20256: Update groups editor 4 years ago
Kyle Hall c29f0bc905
Bug 20256: Add new methods for checking item editing permissions 4 years ago
Kyle Hall 326536f436
Bug 20256: Refactor subs for rights to view patrons to make them generic for general use 4 years ago
Kyle Hall c71354d51b
Bug 20256: Add new permission to editor 4 years ago
Kyle Hall 5d0dab5f6c
Bug 20256: Update database 4 years ago
Martin Renvoize c2664482e4
Bug 32633: (QA follow-up) Add handling for authorities merge 4 days ago
Martin Renvoize 734a1fe63b
Bug 32633: (QA follow-up) Move page-section nesting 4 days ago
Owen Leonard b88ec7daeb
Bug 32633: Add 'page-section' to cataloging and authority pages 3 weeks ago
Lucas Gass 0c1fbffbe4
Bug 32239: Remove uneeded CSS from reports.css 4 weeks ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi 353edc0bba
Bug 32588: (QA follow-up) Add missing filter 4 days ago
Johanna Raisa a813de5f85
Bug 31326: Koha::Biblio->get_components_query fetches too many component parts 6 months ago
Emmi Takkinen 0f5daaa553
Bug 32377: Set param skiptotals on call of GetBudgetHierarchy in acqui/histsearch.pl 2 months ago
Nick Clemens 5249a0c1f0
Bug 20473: Whitespace 2 months ago
Nick Clemens dcd6f549d9
Bug 20473: Don't display 'Item information' tab when adding to basket from a file and not creating items 2 months ago
Katrin Fischer 74f2b83255
Bug 32588: Make filters on 'items with no checkouts' report translatable 4 weeks ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi 2d724ae68e
Bug 27424: DBRev 4 days ago
Kyle Hall 7bbd5de3e3
Bug 27424: (QA follow-up) Add confirmation if (un)checking the default smtp server checkbox 1 week ago