232 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jonathan Druart 08c03af2ae Bug 18984: Remove NORMARC support 10 months ago
David Cook 40089a0a53 Bug 28519: Put CGI::Session::Serialize::yamlxs in lib directory 6 months ago
David Cook 21a850a3dc Bug 26363: Provide a systemd unit file for koha-worker for source installs 1 year ago
Jonathan Druart 06a58fe56d Bug 20410: Remove OpacGroupResults and PazPar2 10 months ago
Julian Maurice 880be262da Bug 20582: Map app.psgi file and bin directory in Makefile.PL 1 year ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi 3e562a0da3 Bug 26290: Make Makefile.PL aware of SMTP configs 1 year ago
Jonathan Druart f9598240c5 Bug 26265: Add missing xt dir 1 year ago
Martin Renvoize acbd6b7205 Bug 26265: Add pos directory to the Makefile 1 year ago
Mason James 14932ae7d3 Bug 25792: Rename 'ttf-dejavu' package to 'fonts-dejavu' for Debian 11 1 year ago
Julian Maurice b168f4a2e9 Bug 21395: Make perlcritic happy 3 years ago
Andreas Roussos f0cbb2063a
Bug 25149: Fix Zebra language code for Greek 2 years ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi 936976a1fe
Bug 25109: Add lockdir configuration entry 2 years ago
Julian Maurice a34d086a24
Bug 19735: Move Perl deps definitions into a cpanfile 4 years ago
Mason James e59ebe938a
Bug 24445: Add z3950 to makefile (bug 13937 follow-up) 2 years ago
Martin Renvoize bd9c93da54
Bug 23834: (RM follow-up) Add new file to Makefile.PL 2 years ago
Olli-Antti Kivilahti 26c0b23764
Bug 17851: Add elasticsearch config to koha-conf.xml 5 years ago
Martin Renvoize fc3f34afbe Bug 21626: (QA follow-up) Embed teams.yaml for debian packages 3 years ago
Jonathan Druart a7419482c1 Bug 22893: Embed contributors.yaml for debian packages 3 years ago
Katrin Fischer daf47da8cd Bug 20174: Remove xml_sax.pl target from Makefile.pl 3 years ago
Josef Moravec 543630b3c4 Bug 21719: Fix typos 3 years ago
Jonathan Druart 206ba82a46 Bug 19817: Remove local help files + edit help feature 4 years ago
Jonathan Druart bee097b39b Bug 14302: Remove GRS1 specific code 5 years ago
Nick Clemens 24a5b9d700 Bug 21195: Ignore files used for SCSS build process 3 years ago
Jonathan Druart 64be74b338 Bug 18342: Enable memcached by default for new installs 4 years ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi a523f09e04 Bug 17951: (follow-up) Make Makefile.PL handle template_cache_dir config 5 years ago
Alex Sassmannshausen 8e86b5e093 Bug 7317: Interlibrary loans framework for Koha. 5 years ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi e57b3a6c4d Bug 19067: Map clubs/ into INTRANET_CGI_DIR in Makefile.PL 4 years ago
Jonathan Druart 508147d244 Bug 18373: Re-add UpgradeBackup.pm 5 years ago
Dimitris Kamenopoulos 84e48d0323 Bug 15427 : Enable TLS support for MySQL 6 years ago
Alex Sassmannshausen fe3194d4d1 Bug 16083: [QA FOLLOWUP] Add more cli arguments. 5 years ago
Alex Sassmannshausen ec03b78106 Bug 16083 Allow cli overrides for makefile settings. 6 years ago
Josef Moravec bd13efd8ac Bug 16952: Czech language definitions for sorting in Zebra 5 years ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi 72d92be918 Bug 17044: Fix wrong destination for 'api' directory 5 years ago
Jonathan Druart 67e6efab5d Bug 16770: Remove Memoize::Memcached dependency 6 years ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi a96adaadb2 Bug 16222: (QA followup) Add /api dir for the API 6 years ago
Benjamin Rokseth c20c70c99d Bug 16222 - Add REST API folder to Makefile.PL 6 years ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi 002d7f45e5 Bug 12549: (QA followup) missing newline in CLI dialog 6 years ago
Nicholas van Oudtshoorn 8c9fe6b2dd Bug 12549: Hard coded font Paths ( DejaVu ) cause problems for non-Debian systems 6 years ago
Kyle Hall 30f5b7b0a6 Bug 15447 - log4perl.conf does not have __LOG_DIR__ replaced when installing 6 years ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi 52c4161c83 Bug 13758: (QA followup) Make Makefile.PL aware of Koha.pm 7 years ago
Jonathan Druart a6c9bd0eb5 Bug 9978: Replace license header with the correct license (GPLv3+) 7 years ago
Jonathan Druart 6b3fd48f3f Bug 13586: Remove some other occurrences 7 years ago
Jonathan Druart a5290b2f9d Bug 13586: Remove the entire block 7 years ago
Rochelle 4c196e62c6 Bug 13586: Makefile.PL mentions win32 7 years ago
Fridolin Somers 89fb9c4a42 Bug 11927 - Add gr install option 8 years ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi 99f3121ff8 Bug 13398: rotating collections scripts are skipped on install 7 years ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi 0a53d5e6b6 Bug 12651: DOM indexing is the default 7 years ago
Marcel de Rooy e949eba409 Bug 12031: [QA Follow-up] Undefined routine and change to koha-conf.xml 7 years ago
Colin Campbell 735381b371 Bug 10729: Add phrases configuration for ICU 8 years ago
Doug Kingston 88e7faf860 Bug 11078: Add locking to rebuild_zebra 8 years ago