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Jonathan Druart 9d6d641d1f Bug 17600: Standardize our EXPORT_OK 5 years ago
Julian Maurice 96cc447045 Bug 25898: Prohibit indirect object notation 1 year ago
Jonathan Druart 638786e719 Bug 24663: Remove authnotrequired if set to 0 2 years ago
Jonathan Druart 8ecaedc22d Bug 21268: Don't remove 0 allocated funds from fund list 1 year ago
Nick Clemens 4f3b4dae27
Bug 24733: created_by param should be an arrayref 2 years ago
Jonathan Druart 82716a0172
Bug 23084: Replace grep {^$var$} with grep {$_ eq $var} 2 years ago
Jonathan Druart d0040dff9f
Bug 23079: Handle invalid timezones when adding/subtracting durations 2 years ago
Jonathan Druart 5cd4b1cc86 Bug 15184: Change permission (+x) on .pl 3 years ago
Jonathan Druart bf5d8115f5 Bug 15184: Add the ability to duplicate existing order lines 3 years ago