1085 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Petro Vashchuk 288ef82461 Bug 29463: Escape utf8 characters before appending search query to url 2 weeks ago
Nick Clemens 2a6af1a6bd Bug 29015: Add options for itemtype, collection, and shelving location to view_holdsqueue.pl 2 months ago
Martin Renvoize dcf93633b3 Bug 25883: Replace 'holdingbranch' with 'transfer to' in returns 7 months ago
Joonas Kylmälä 9ead068920 Bug 29380: Correct table name in joins to prevent errors 4 weeks ago
Kyle Hall 18c1500772 Bug 28211: Replace use of call_recursive() with call() 7 months ago
Jonathan Druart 4390b7be04 Bug 28785: Adjust check_cookie_auth calls 4 months ago
Agustin Moyano 1616354981 Bug 27949: Allow multiple article requests print slip 6 months ago
Marcel de Rooy 8c6281f985 Bug 29093: Interface changes 2 months ago
Nick Clemens c7a7e45812 Bug 15812: Use patron search in place of circ search 2 months ago
Kyle Hall 4f533776c6 Bug 26352: Switch from using call() to call_recursive() 11 months ago
Kyle Hall aea8ce7fcc Bug 26352: Add plugin hooks to transform patron barcodes 1 year ago
Kyle Hall b2b1483f4d Bug 26351: Add plugin hooks to transform item barcodes 1 year ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi 82155cdf35 Bug 27945: Fix error handling and translatability 2 months ago
Agustin Moyano 1ccfaa0d03 Bug 27945: Add limit article request feature 4 months ago
Agustin Moyano 3fc76156e2 Bug 27944: Add "requested" stage in article request process 8 months ago
Agustin Moyano 954d2606a8 Bug 23678: Allow cancel holds in bulk 9 months ago
Lucas Gass ee60339a84 Bug 28695: Add shelving location column to overdue.tt 5 months ago
Jonathan Druart dc88e53e26 Bug 10902: Use prefetch and dbic rs 3 months ago
Owen Leonard b17e52ae97 Bug 10902: (QA follow-up) Show library name instead of code 4 months ago
Owen Leonard 40a79145df Bug 10902: Highlight patrons from logged-in library in patron searches 8 months ago
Jonathan Druart 9d6d641d1f Bug 17600: Standardize our EXPORT_OK 5 years ago
Owen Leonard dffb3fede8 Bug 27873: Improve message consistency: checkout and patron detail pages 8 months ago
Marcel de Rooy f539428d06 Bug 20472: Add format field to the interface 4 years ago
Jonathan Druart 41a8005d10 Bug 28606: Remove $DEBUG and $ENV{DEBUG} 5 months ago
Martin Renvoize 7c7794f1b2 Bug 28581: Use 'from_email_address' where appropriate 5 months ago
Jonathan Druart 3fe837bc74 Bug 28572: Remove C4::Debug 5 months ago
Jonathan Druart 6f204fdf96 Bug 28591: Don't pass debug to get_template_and_user 5 months ago
Martin Renvoize ba678553ce Bug 24434: Unit tests for updateWrongTransfer 7 months ago
Martin Renvoize b031ec5845 Bug 24434: Reinstate updateWrongTransfer 7 months ago
Martin Renvoize f401137d06 Bug 28382: Set trigger to 'Reserve' when actioning a reserve transfer 6 months ago
Joonas Kylmälä ad03c9e8f8 Bug 27064: (QA follow-up) Add error message only if we have one defined 6 months ago
Martin Renvoize 6ac4542948 Bug 27064: (QA follow-up) Do not create transfer prior to accepting it 6 months ago
Nick Clemens 8cb7747544 Bug 27064: Only allow transferring a hold from the transfers page 1 year ago
Owen Leonard ac35ef7385 Bug 16785: Remove Autocomplete from overdues report filter 7 months ago
Nick Clemens 6754e92c1c Bug 25760: (bug 15422 follow-up) Display record with hold ratio greater than or equal to the value entered 11 months ago
Martin Renvoize 1cd0e927e4 Bug 27896: Remove DeleteTransfer from circ/return.pl 9 months ago
Martin Renvoize 00dfcfcbe8 Bug 21883: Pass the item to the template 1 year ago
Jonathan Druart 63cc298016 Bug 18912: Display more info when using itemBarcodeFallbackSearch 9 months ago
Joonas Kylmälä 70239b355c Bug 28139: Simplify logic for handling found holds in returns.pl 8 months ago
Joonas Kylmälä 49da7cd462 Bug 28139: Handle Processing status with HoldsAutoFill pref turned on 8 months ago
Nick Clemens 9d7f55a874 Bug 28136: Handle Transferred status for ResFound 8 months ago
Martin Renvoize a8df1af9e5 Bug 22569: Add a 'Transfers to send' report 11 months ago
Jonathan Druart 010181a6a0 Bug 27652: Display patron's categories for sysprefs expecting them 10 months ago
Martin Renvoize 1b289f74cc Bug 25690: (QA follow-up) PROCESSED -> PROCESSING for consistency 9 months ago
Joonas Kylmälä fd0bc2204c Bug 25690: Make CanBookBeIssued return In Processing state as needing confirmation 9 months ago
Joonas Kylmälä fbef547832 Bug 25690: Remove double usage of 'Reserved' return value 9 months ago
Martin Renvoize 7e919d12d8 Bug 24446: Catch daterequested in circ returns 2 years ago
Jonathan Druart 099e2fe2b7 Bug 7806: Fix remaining occurrences of 0000-00-00 11 months ago
Jonathan Druart 919caa19c8 Bug 27131: Add get_items_that_can_fill 1 year ago
Jonathan Druart fafcbff015 Bug 27673: Fix encoding issues 10 months ago