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Kyle Hall 006c70f4f2 Bug 25464: Add ability to specify client IP and SIP account used in SIP2 logging 1 year ago
Jonathan Druart 7de0384e42 Bug 28620: Replace remaining occurrence in test 2 months ago
Jonathan Druart f1f9c6dc74 Bug 26384: Fix executable flags 1 year ago
Jonathan Druart 16a030ebf6
Bug 25172: Adjust tests 1 year ago
Jonathan Druart b1ba7fac2c Bug 18292: Remove return 1 statements in tests 4 years ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi b69beb2499 Bug 14167: (QA followup) use warn instead of just STDERR 6 years ago
Marcel de Rooy c339b5e4cc Bug 14167: Add a unit test for Koha::Logger 6 years ago