40473 Commits (04a4a34d6e9b7a235ae238b82b991795ca5abb8a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Martin Renvoize 04a4a34d6e Bug 26963: (QA follow-up) Update mocked return of pickup_locations 7 months ago
  Nick Clemens 7b09e86a8d Bug 26963: (QA follow-up) Don't delete existing data before tests 7 months ago
  Martin Renvoize b6a7a3c8a8 Bug 26963: (QA follow-up) Migrate unit tests into pickup_location 7 months ago
  Martin Renvoize 7179a29fea Bug 26963: (QA follow-up) Convert to ResultSets 7 months ago
  Nick Clemens 5b06c361d6 Bug 26963: (follow-up) Change subroutine name for QA tools 7 months ago
  Nick Clemens 780ced27f5 Bug 26963: Don't call 'can_be_transferred' for each possible library for each item 7 months ago
  Nick Clemens db1865ba34 Bug 26963: Unit tests 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart dcc1b96ea9 Bug 22818: Fix the last_insert_id call 7 months ago
  Martin Renvoize 64ee6f0b2b Bug 26948: Regression tests 7 months ago
  Joonas Kylmälä 4415fdb0f4 Bug 26948: Remove double encoding from sent emails 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart fbd0bbf98f Bug 26990: (bug 22284 follow-up) Prevent hold to be placed if cannot be transferred 7 months ago
  Andrew Isherwood 1dadf88233 Bug 22818: (QA follow-up) Respond to feedback 7 months ago
  Andrew Isherwood 0423d09e57 Bug 24083: (QA follow-up) Fix DB upgrade 7 months ago
  Andrew Isherwood 552ea4e9d2 Bug 24083: (QA follow-up) Fix failing tests 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart cdbc04f69d Bug 22818: Fix TestBuilder.t 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart f11484ae7f Bug 24083: DBRev 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 031ce22545 Bug 24083: Compiled CSS 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart fb28f35021 Bug 24083: DBIC schema changes 7 months ago
  Andrew Isherwood 887022e0d2 Bug 24083: (follow-up) Make requested changes 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 98f0e5047d Bug 24083: Swap the column for "Unlimited" handling 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart b2093e4162 Bug 24083: Delete the new rule when needed 7 months ago
  Andrew Isherwood 6e311a1be1 Bug 24083: (follow-up) Squashed follow ups 8 months ago
  Andrew Isherwood e429d90fb3 Bug 24083: (follow-up) Include SelfCheckInModule 8 months ago
  Andrew Isherwood bbfdc72303 Bug 24083: (follow-up) Respond to QA feedback 7 months ago
  Andrew Isherwood 5b80d3ba65 Bug 24083: (follow-up) Fix params to AddRenewal 1 year ago
  Andrew Isherwood b2110746d4 Bug 24083: Add unit tests 1 year ago
  Andrew Isherwood 8595e80b78 Bug 24083: Add support for unseen_renewals 1 year ago
  Andrew Isherwood d67b2b5d46 Bug 24083: Add circ rules management 1 year ago
  Andrew Isherwood 07bc356156 Bug 24083: Required atomic updates & DB update 1 year ago
  Jonathan Druart dc465736cd Bug 26987: (bug 23463 follow-up) Fix serial receipt if makePreviousSerialAvailable 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 6adc4514c6 Bug 23019: DBRev 7 months ago
  Agustin Moyano 6853a2d7f6 Bug 23019: (follow-up) Fix test permissions and API definition bugs 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart aa36a4c22f Bug 23019: (follow-up 2) set table name to import_batch_profiles 7 months ago
  Agustin Moyano 9f5596afd6 Bug 23019: (follow-up) Fix other things 7 months ago
  Agustin Moyano 2d53ae88b6 Bug 23019: (follow-up) set table name to import_batch_profiles 7 months ago
  Nick Clemens 9721e67751 Bug 23019: (QA follow-up) fix test fiule permissions 7 months ago
  Agustin Moyano 0001155429 Bug 23019: (follow-up) Fix usability issues 9 months ago
  Agustin Moyano 2bf1d0f1d2 Bug 23019: (QA follow-up) Fix typo Pre fill 11 months ago
  Agustin Moyano 8b3a108558 Bug 23019: Add profiles to stage-import-batch and magnage-import-batch pages 1 year ago
  Agustin Moyano 4685b3de0b Bug 23019: Add tests 1 year ago
  Agustin Moyano bff3fb91eb Bug 23019: Add ImportBatchesProfile schema and set is_boolean to parse_items column 1 year ago
  Agustin Moyano 0cbf328864 Bug 23019: Add koha_object_class and koha_objects_class methods to ImportBatch.pm schema 1 year ago
  Agustin Moyano a7d834d2e5 Bug 23019: Update database structure and add atomic update 1 year ago
  Jonathan Druart 47f4ae3fe7 Bug 20936: DBRev 7 months ago
  Agustin Moyano d812bf9d27 Bug 20936: (follow-up) add biblio and item relation to old holds and set a limit on search holds 7 months ago
  Nick Clemens 6d36793174 Bug 20936: (QA follow-up) Use Branches template plugin 7 months ago
  Agustin Moyano 10e23507f5 Bug 20936: Add patron's hold history menu in OPAC 1 year ago
  Agustin Moyano 5bab8b0fec Bug 20936: Add OPACHoldsHistory syspref 1 year ago
  Jonathan Druart ff0be50cde Bug 22818: DBRev 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 657a1a18b0 Bug 22818: DBIC schema changes 7 months ago