10 Commits (04a4a34d6e9b7a235ae238b82b991795ca5abb8a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jonathan Druart f1f9c6dc74 Bug 26384: Fix executable flags 1 year ago
Jonathan Druart 65c4d8019e Bug 15836: Add the ability to defined custom methods to split call number in labels 3 years ago
Jonathan Druart ba0f84b46c Bug 9978: (followup) Replace license header with the correct license (GPLv3+) 7 years ago
Galen Charlton 7d01e61cdf Bug 11402: (follow-up) add one more unit test 8 years ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi 4720cbc414 Bug 11402: make Labels::_guide_box return undef if undefned data is passed 8 years ago
Sam Sanders 3b9722c7dd Bug 5327 added tests for C4/Labels.pm 10 years ago
Galen Charlton d2f49e1976 bug 5653: use itemcallnumber in bib label layouts 11 years ago
Joe Atzberger ccee815f4a Bug 2617: Add strict (and warnings), partial fix. 13 years ago
Joshua Ferraro 2b28689ae8 fixing bug 1754: Hide language chooser if only one translation is available 14 years ago
Joshua Ferraro 4559e0e0e0 Searching Patch 1: fixing searching in 3.0 14 years ago
tipaul 5ff7fcffa4 Bugfixes & improvements (various and minor) : 15 years ago
tipaul fc1342f73d rel_3_0 moved to HEAD 15 years ago
tipaul b2d3fe1ccb moving language chooser to the main page. 17 years ago
rangi e70385696a Little script that takes a language as an input, and sets a cookie 17 years ago