4751 Commits (07b3e3c952484562bd9097a140ce9d6d218b51aa)

Author SHA1 Message Date
rangi 07b3e3c952 Continuing to add tests 16 years ago
rangi 3e275d1217 Simple compile only test for C4::Amazon 16 years ago
rangi 07902f96e8 Working on unit tests 16 years ago
toins 5d610f543b s/opac-botton.inc/intranet-botton.inc/ 16 years ago
toins 5964ea2c5c sync with english template. 16 years ago
toins dd7718af2e enable to search on subject with nozebra 16 years ago
toins 1f9733604d removing notes from the results 16 years ago
tipaul 23427c51b9 some fixes (and only fixes) 16 years ago
toins 29cd577524 bugfix : bibliotitems.dewey & deletedbiblioitems.dewey mustn't be double(8,6). 16 years ago
toins 95f4785d58 do not get $3 $4 and $5 on GetMarcSubjects GetMarcAuthors on unimarc flavour. 16 years ago
toins dc16768fbc remove hardcoded link. 16 years ago
hpassini e321dfe483 bug fixing : variable name CGICatCode instead of CGIcatCode 16 years ago
toins 0c5288d996 adding a link to opac-detail and removing link to itself. 16 years ago
toins 38f7d2148a removing warn compilation. 16 years ago
toins 6dfb0dca36 next if there is an error getting the biblio. 16 years ago
toins 7fc3f2394b fix a french error. 16 years ago
toins 5d69dd7160 this template is for intranet not for opac... including the good footer. 16 years ago
toins 371fc016e9 removing template->param already writed on Auth.pm 16 years ago
toins 1c3a2faa00 adding flagrequired 16 years ago
toins d693f7946b writing absolute path. 16 years ago
toins 55120ddf4e re-indent + little bugfix : '' instead of undef. 16 years ago
toins 4728830e34 it's faster to 'truncate' instead of using 'delete from'... 16 years ago
toins ad43aa9135 bug fix : items.homebranch must be VARCHAR(10) 16 years ago
tipaul 5dd3f0229a bugfixes (various), handling utf-8 without guessencoding (as suggested by joshua, fixing some zebra config files -for french but should be interesting for other languages- 16 years ago
tipaul 08daf60a70 improving opac default CSS to have a npl/ccfls like theme (look at http://o15.bureau.paulpoulain.com to see the result) 16 years ago
tipaul 85609421d1 adding 2 images for npl/ccfls opac 16 years ago
toins 104925e9ac re introducing TotalPaid function as circ/stat.pl use it. 16 years ago
toins cae655f928 removing a compilation warn. 16 years ago
toins 738d04c2ca chmod +x 16 years ago
toins 5e775a5d36 correct a wrong link 16 years ago
toins b0bcda97dc auto focus on login when document is loaded. 16 years ago
tipaul 577a7bf094 some (minor, functionnaly speaking) bugfixes 16 years ago
tipaul b3fcbc99b4 french translation updated 16 years ago
tipaul 6f276facc8 removing guessencoding, hard-coding utf-8 16 years ago
toins acf832a8f2 re-indenting + redirecting to subscription-detail.pl after a renewal. 16 years ago
toins 784bd215e7 this template is not used has a popup. including header to have stylesheet. 16 years ago
tipaul e43c164395 fixing template & javascript bug on almost all plugins 16 years ago
btoumi c5b97c4153 bug fixxing : add hidden field to allow modification of biblio framework . 16 years ago
tipaul 1e2d7c8b5a cleaning duplicate entries in top menus & fixing a bug in "branch" index (zebra) & updated french translation 16 years ago
tipaul a0ca85b917 BugFixing CanBookBeRenewed was too strict. If a book could be renewed 1 time, it wouldnot do. 16 years ago
tipaul 78d025afe8 BUGFIX : Feature AutoMemberNum was lost 16 years ago
hdl 1a1045844e Bug Fix : 16 years ago
hdl 183d8de0ba Bug Fix : 16 years ago
tipaul a04f92a30a some minor bugfixes, templates improvements & zebra default config file changes 16 years ago
hdl 4ab40c0d65 Editing old numbers is allowed when subscription expired. 16 years ago
tipaul c8c6012195 merging opac details only for items with the same branch+location+itemcallnumber && putting publisher before publicationyear && lowering item column size in result page && fixing a missing branch reference in ccl.properties 16 years ago
tipaul 28f3c54914 fixing bug for authorities zebraqueue reindexing 16 years ago
tipaul 4618817646 adding series title to adv search (no need to expand more) 16 years ago
hdl a7301fdfc6 Adding startdate and enddate parameters to GetBookfundBreakdown call. 16 years ago
hdl b81db9061d Deleting $year paramater in GetBookfundBreakdown 16 years ago