8 Commits (103bbf2c9a1841a3c2ed0a7e066b7e2a20ce018c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jonathan Druart 4b416c98f4 Bug 27939: Update yarn.lock file 10 months ago
Julian Maurice 3cfc2ec7bd Bug 25067: Move PO file manipulation code into gulp tasks 2 years ago
Owen Leonard 00b1bf3c2c Bug 20168: (follow-up) Add automatic creation of RTL CSS 1 year ago
Owen Leonard 9cb89b4639 Bug 20168: Update of the OPAC bootstrap template to bootstrap v4 2 years ago
Tomas Cohen Arazi a7e3c12e61 Bug 26228: Update gulpfile to work with Node.js v12 1 year ago
Martin Renvoize df5bf098d3
Bug 23025: Update yarn.lock 2 years ago
Owen Leonard 78bf5b3ec6
Bug 23025: security vulnerability detected in fstream < 1.0.12 defined in yarn.lock 3 years ago
Owen Leonard 5b35c97a84 Bug 19474: Convert staff client CSS to SCSS 4 years ago