36978 Commits (11b44869d95c47a7e6daec8dcb124762a9ee0026)

Author SHA1 Message Date
tonnesen ee184dc80b Added a couple of missing $dbh->disconnect lines that were logging errors 22 years ago
tonnesen ad16590c11 Fixed backgroundimage in circulation module. Background image now displays 22 years ago
rangi 3b07c5bf30 Fixing printing error, now is printing all of the days issues for borrower 22 years ago
rangi 866118ff98 Made sure the printer queue value was being set before calling print 22 years ago
rangi cf3086c7da Attempting to get issues slip to print when borrower is finished with 22 years ago
rangi 5d1a98aa79 Fixed a bug that was meaning some payments werent counted 22 years ago
rangi 74aa1d1edd Fixed a little bug in getiteminformation, it wasnt returning item loanlength 22 years ago
rangi dea0fd150d Added a line to Ouput.pm to enable circulation to use its own includes 22 years ago
rangi 58a8ef5bbb Changed it so you cant renew a book that is on request, made a link from 22 years ago
tonnesen e371a7114f Mostly just look changes, got rid of table borders, alternating colors on 22 years ago
tonnesen f7953fecf3 Return itemlist array, and itemlisttext (text version of overdues) with 22 years ago
rangi caa03b5380 Script to generate overdue fines. 22 years ago
tonnesen ee5ba729f3 Returns module lists recently returned items, cookies used to store branch 22 years ago
tonnesen d389b68e6d Refined Returns module. 22 years ago
tonnesen eaa9677292 Changes to web circulation module: rudimentary returns module, arbitrary 22 years ago
tonnesen 3186e690ce Fixed a bug in issuing reserved books. Was calling non-existent 22 years ago
tonnesen 7c52cda9d6 Started work on a web-based circulation interface. 22 years ago
tonnesen e6d86cdd17 Added support for showing patron flags in the issues module. 22 years ago
rangi e6fb400c7d Fixing a glitch in the fines routine, was failing if adding a new fine to 22 years ago
tonnesen e16ba0cb0a API for circulation modules 22 years ago
tonnesen 40397605a1 Now uses Circ2.pm generic interface subroutines. 22 years ago
tonnesen 01f6f6a796 Moved returned item list from a scrolled text box to a scrolled table. 22 years ago
tonnesen 2933044c47 First release of Perl/Tk circulation interface 22 years ago
tonnesen 8b421dd4cc Renamed koha.conf config entry from "path" to "includes", which is more 22 years ago
tonnesen 21b18bf675 Modified getbranch() and getprinter() subroutines to not pop up a menu if 22 years ago
tonnesen 1c9ef0371f Added support for moving path=... variable to /etc/koha.conf 22 years ago
rangi 80a0cb638e Shifted Database connection variables out into a configuration file 22 years ago
rangi d0374d0037 Initial revision 22 years ago