16 Commits (190a7f404a4a88eafb50aa9e4c00a8ffa3015519)

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Chris Cormack 2d46b42cd6 Perltidy mainpage.pl 17 years ago
hdl 1ca8a9ceb8 I forgot this script. 17 years ago
kados 3969bbe369 fixing permissions on mainpage 17 years ago
rych 13f6840c71 add mainpage 17 years ago
tipaul 86e9db4e67 rel_3_0 moved to HEAD (removing useless file) 17 years ago
tgarip1957 04b2e6112f Finalized XML version for intranet 17 years ago
tipaul 3389e743a1 commit for holidays and news management. 18 years ago
tipaul f55e808ec0 synch'ing 2.2 and head 19 years ago
tipaul 22e25d5094 fix for #646 (logging with low rights librarian code) 20 years ago
rangi 7683a424ce Fix for 418 21 years ago
acli 52a5fd4bbd Moved C4/Charset.pm to C4/Interface/CGI/Output.pm 21 years ago
acli ea50c2acb6 Preliminary fix of the CGI.pm problem of always assuming that everything is 21 years ago
tipaul 5f3749d437 adding authentification with Auth.pm 21 years ago
tipaul afe757aeca * bugfixes 21 years ago
tonnesen c16a952963 Merging from rel-1-2 to trunk 21 years ago
tipaul 4630b49761 merging 1.2 and bugfixes for auth and login : admin, members and reports home pages 21 years ago