37 Commits (340c8019d2630cc2442b51ae6dfbed5526813699)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Fridolin Somers 340c8019d2 Bug 26424: Better performance of svc/checkouts 2 years ago
Lucas Gass e5b7240523
Bug 24456: change default sort orders/make wording clearer 3 years ago
Jonathan Druart 7d8b96803f
Bug 24545: Fix license statements 3 years ago
Jonathan Druart 119347c76e
Bug 23427: Simplify sort logic 3 years ago
Fridolin Somers b4a6d79e4d
Bug 23427: Better sorting of previous checkouts 3 years ago
Fridolin Somers 6b2d109315
Bug 23427: Fix previous checkouts sort order 3 years ago
Alex Arnaud ce6ba9aac9
Bug 20194: Display both biblioitems.itemtype and items.itype in circulation screens 4 years ago
Kyle Hall 291f03fe65
Bug 14697: Enhance the return claims feature 3 years ago
Ere Maijala 5b1ed49baa
Bug 11529: (follow-up) Fix QA issues 3 years ago
Ere Maijala a1a05db1b6
Bug 11529: Add templates for biblio title display. Unify display. 3 years ago
Ere Maijala ee44dce285
Bug 11529: Clean up subtitle usage 4 years ago
Ere Maijala 4ea26c0a69
Bug 11529: Use new biblio fields whenever possible 4 years ago
Katrin Fischer 3c143b52ac Bug 19719: (follow-up) Show description instead of code 5 years ago
Jesse Maseto fd4d17ace1 Bug 19719: Add new column for collection in the patron checkouts data tables 5 years ago
Jonathan Druart 4bc92169dc Bug 18403: Update permissions - borrowers => 1|* becomes borrowers => 'edit_borrowers' 6 years ago
Zoe Bennett 2bde680e0b Bug 20016: use Modern::Perl in svc scripts 5 years ago
Marcel de Rooy bb1c184b84 Bug 19484: Add test before using object itemtype 5 years ago
Mark Tompsett d5986c9b97 Bug 19040: Refactor GetMarcBiblio parameters 5 years ago
Jonathan Druart 091d6c513b Bug 17843: Replace C4::Koha::getitemtypeinfo with Koha::ItemTypes 6 years ago
Jonathan Druart cd7b84f675 Bug 17252 - Koha::AuthorisedValues - Remove GetAuthorisedValueByCode 6 years ago
Nick Clemens 99bdb7edbd Bug 15975 - Add Owning Library Column to Checkouts 6 years ago
Charles Farmer ad0cd505eb Bug 14668: Show serial enumeration in INTRANET circulation.tt and OPAC patron's relatives' checkouts 6 years ago
Jonathan Druart c133bedf54 Bug 16154: Fix some other occurrences 7 years ago
Alex Arnaud eb5fca30aa Bug 15289 - borrowers permission allows to see patron's loans 7 years ago
Kyle Hall 717878982f Bug 13024 - Nonpublic note not appearing in the staff client 8 years ago
Jonathan Druart 0f63f89f66 Bug 14100: Generic solution for language overlay - Item types 8 years ago
Kyle Hall 8e9f89e92b Bug 14299: Today's checkouts not always sorting correctly 7 years ago
Jonathan Druart d7cfdb45e5 Bug 13492: Add the location column to the checkouts tables 8 years ago
Kyle Hall c76fbbe191 Bug 13908 - Checkouts table sorting is not honoring default sort preferences 8 years ago
Rafal Kopaczka 901be3db53 Bug 9481 - charge not showing fines On 'Check out' and 'Details'. 8 years ago
Kyle Hall 13fda83783 Bug 13195 - Regression: Circulation checkouts table no longer shows item type description 8 years ago
Kyle Hall 17e6a8b652 Bug 12778 - Regression: Item lost status doesn't show in list of checkouts 8 years ago
Kyle Hall ca13806073 Bug 10860 - Change "in-house use" to "on-site checkout" 8 years ago
Jonathan Druart 2e72eb8880 Bug 10860: In-House Use 9 years ago
Kyle Hall 8848e72d78 Bug 13020 - Checkouts table default ordering is incorrect 8 years ago
Dobrica Pavlinusic b8fae8489f Bug 12729 - Overdue items won't show as overdue in red in circulation 8 years ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi 6cc316f999 Bug 11703: (qa followup) consistency in svc 8 years ago
Kyle Hall a31cac1693 Bug 11703 [QA Followup] - Restore showing earliest renewal date for 'too early' renewals 9 years ago
Kyle Hall 0badd2bcb5 Bug 11703 [QA Followup] 9 years ago
Kyle Hall 82275fa2db Bug 11703 - Convert checkouts table to ajax datatable 9 years ago