2 Commits (37ea74669c77efee888630fdcab73889f3d21367)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jesse Weaver 37ea74669c Bug 12748: (QA followup) fix several tiny QA tools warnings 6 years ago
Jonathan Druart 3e95923a8a Bug 12478: Add Koha::SearchField[s] and Koha::SearchMarcMap[s] classes 6 years ago
Jonathan Druart 7c0cbc3fe8 Bug 12478: Add Koha::ItemType[s] classes 6 years ago
Kyle Hall 7ef9c1b6f5 Bug 15446 [QA Followup] - Update new classes 6 years ago
Jonathan Druart db2a1aa0dd Bug 14828: Add Koha::ItemType[s] classes 6 years ago
Jonathan Druart 897beb20a5 Bug 14888: Add Koha::Cit[y|ies] classes 6 years ago
Kyle Hall 062f34c55d Bug 13851: Replace waiting holds logic in circulation.pl with Koha Objects 7 years ago
Kyle Hall 6f0316a8d2 Bug 13019 - Add base classes on which to build Koha objects 7 years ago
Chris Cormack 509d673f10 Bug 7941 : Fix version numbers in modules 10 years ago
Andrew Elwell 9fa574f609 Bug 5385: POD Cleanups (part 1) 11 years ago
Lars Wirzenius 7279f55b60 Fix FSF address in directory C4/ 12 years ago
Galen Charlton a670f1817e bug 2509: fix file permissions 13 years ago
Andrew Moore a7d9851eb6 Bug 2400 [14/18]: fixing pod syntax in C4/Barcodes/incremental.pm 13 years ago
Joe Atzberger 46a43c0a93 Barcodes - OO replacements, extensible module, tests. 13 years ago
Henri-Damien LAURENT f6954b6536 Adding changelanguage feature to OPAC 14 years ago
Joshua Ferraro 4559e0e0e0 Searching Patch 1: fixing searching in 3.0 14 years ago
tipaul 5ff7fcffa4 Bugfixes & improvements (various and minor) : 15 years ago
tipaul fc1342f73d rel_3_0 moved to HEAD 15 years ago
tipaul b2d3fe1ccb moving language chooser to the main page. 17 years ago
rangi e70385696a Little script that takes a language as an input, and sets a cookie 17 years ago