18 Commits (4bf980d128126161764f735de097b19ade8fb6fa)

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hdl 4bf980d128 Fixes on issues_avg_stats 18 years ago
tipaul 798c2ce678 minor fixes (in query building & html typos), no new features 18 years ago
hdl 52002d5a44 Adding average loan time to stats. 18 years ago
hdl 98634c4090 Adding a link to issues stats reports in reports-home 18 years ago
hdl 208c796619 Adding stats on acquisitions... First Version 18 years ago
hdl 00efe73c6c Improving borrowers statitics management 18 years ago
hdl 80f196aedd Adding catalogue reporting templates 18 years ago
hdl 31b4599272 Adding reports 18 years ago
tipaul b76eeb5867 *** empty log message *** 18 years ago
oleonard 2d539c9b70 Corrections to make markup more valid (quoting attributes, encoding ampersands, etc.) 19 years ago
tipaul 7c2c39dea5 NEW : 19 years ago
acli 574b0d3af0 Comment syntax fix to keep the translation tool quiet 19 years ago
tipaul 58951e551f new feature : stocktaking/inventory. 19 years ago
tipaul 049e6755a8 synch'ing 2.0.0 branch (RC4 tag) and head 19 years ago
tipaul 1e93add16b templates modified : ALL <TMPL_* XX> have been replaced by <!-- TMPL_* XX -->, because it's strict html compliant, and HTML::TreeBuilder deals better with this form. 19 years ago
rangi fe716d2bba Changed overdue.tmpl to use the includes and added a link to it from the reports page 20 years ago
wolfpac444 58caed9609 Starting to get rid of deprecated <font> tags. Switched headings over to <h1> tags 20 years ago
tipaul 34bf3e7da7 merging 1.2 and bugfixes for auth, login and templating : admin, members and reports home pages 20 years ago