5 Commits (4d011bd9983926488f783730ca43e98e6e07dabe)

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Mason James d8c60a6e15 Bug 9440 - update Koha's LICENSE file from GPL2 to GPL3 11 years ago
Lars Wirzenius 19062198e1 Update LICENSE with a fresh copy from upstream. This updates the FSF address, and refers to the LGPL with its current name, and changes a few other minor things of the typographical sort. No semantic changes. 14 years ago
Joshua Ferraro 062d46800e re-naming some files prior to release 16 years ago
tipaul 5184a7497f moving non koha-running files to misc dir 21 years ago
tonnesen a119883471 Copying missing files from rel-1-2 to trunk 22 years ago