31 Commits (4d011bd9983926488f783730ca43e98e6e07dabe)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Julian Maurice 96cc447045 Bug 25898: Prohibit indirect object notation 3 years ago
Josef Moravec 30e5985aa1 Bug 15400: (follow-up) Restore 'years' string, remove untranslatable string 5 years ago
Aleisha Amohia 507f48a438 Bug 15400: (follow-up) Adding age to check out search dropdown 5 years ago
Joseph Sikowitz b50641b479
Bug 24750: Instructor Search Results 4 years ago
Nick Clemens 92e318dfc5 Bug 20707: Replace circ/search.pl circulate permission requirement with catalogue 6 years ago
Jonathan Druart 7809a6bd13 Bug 18403: Add new methods Koha::Patrons->search_limited and use it where needed 7 years ago
Jonathan Druart 3691bd8419 Bug 15548: Move new patron related code to Patron* 8 years ago
Kyle Hall 19e3e89df8 Bug 13931 [QA Followup] - Fix whitespace error 8 years ago
Josef Moravec dad848a0a7 Bug 13931 - Date of birth in patron search result and in autocomplete 8 years ago
Jonathan Druart 4353cd1958 Bug 14871: Extend the patrons search to search like %$term% (checkout tab) 8 years ago
Kyle Hall 1871d9a6e7 Bug 13822: Patron autocomplete search is severly limited 9 years ago
Jonathan Druart a6c9bd0eb5 Bug 9978: Replace license header with the correct license (GPLv3+) 9 years ago
Jonathan Druart 0d31fca4f1 Bug 13957: If no value, display an empty string instead of "null" 9 years ago
Jonathan Druart bcb58e1817 Bug 13892: Make ysearch.pl not using C4::Members::Search 9 years ago
Jonathan Druart e20270fec4 Bug 11944: use CGI( -utf8 ) everywhere 10 years ago
Kyle Hall fb4025b67b Bug 10277 - Add C4::Context->IsSuperLibrarian() 11 years ago
Owen Leonard d536ed92fa Bug 2693: add ability to filter by reviewer name on tag review page 10 years ago
Jonathan Druart 6b72f24908 Bug 5904: make patron search autocompletion respect IndependentBranches 11 years ago
Owen Leonard ef0cf7b9a6 Bug 7747 - Replace YUI autocomplete with jQueryUI 12 years ago
Srdjan Jankovic 18b8991cf1 bug_6253: Unified member Search() 12 years ago
Joy Nelson 38ca8d6de1 Bug 6773: circ/ysearch.pl is unlimited 12 years ago
Maxime Pelletier 6200d4ae21 Bug 6679 : fix 3 perl::critic warnings 12 years ago
Donovan Jones 1e2faa9119 Bug 2505 - Add commented use warnings where missing in the circ/ directory 14 years ago
Lars Wirzenius a9c4c50f07 Fix FSF address in directory circ/ 14 years ago
Sébastien Hinderer f1f833c965 bug 3464: Takes columns country and B_country of table borrowers into account in related operations. 15 years ago
Daniel Sweeney 415d5ac3bb Added barcode query back to circ/ysearch.pl for patron proxies. 15 years ago
Frederic Demians 62391ab1d7 Fix an encoding issue on circulation autocompletion 16 years ago
Galen Charlton 1cdfcdf12b close security holes in patron search autocompletion 16 years ago
Chris Cormack 0bc686acf9 Fix so ysearch.pl uses utf-8 16 years ago
Joe Atzberger 82b8c496fd circ subdir - Dates.pm integration and warnings fixes. 16 years ago
Frederic Demians 701d6ef020 Circulation borrower name autocompletion 16 years ago