16 Commits (4d011bd9983926488f783730ca43e98e6e07dabe)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Julian Maurice 96cc447045 Bug 25898: Prohibit indirect object notation 3 years ago
Jonathan Druart 638786e719 Bug 24663: Remove authnotrequired if set to 0 4 years ago
Zoe Bennett 165c56de29 Bug 19999: use Modern::Perl in label scripts 6 years ago
Jonathan Druart a6c9bd0eb5 Bug 9978: Replace license header with the correct license (GPLv3+) 9 years ago
Jonathan Druart e20270fec4 Bug 11944: use CGI( -utf8 ) everywhere 10 years ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi afd2418d73 Bug 11349: Change .tmpl -> .tt in scripts using templates 10 years ago
Lars Wirzenius 772ada9bf3 Fix FSF address in directory labels/ 14 years ago
Galen Charlton dd08a539dc remove unnecesary import of HTM:::Template::pro 14 years ago
Chris Nighswonger c468a724b4 [22/40] General code cleanup of new labels module code. 15 years ago
Chris Nighswonger b44db285a6 [10/40] Work on Label Tool Homepage. 15 years ago
Chris Nighswonger fffff30b13 Commenting out unused call to get_batches. 16 years ago
Joe Atzberger 6303d6d0a5 label-home.pl - Fix major error causing deletion on every run. Corrected variable scope to avoid warnings. 16 years ago
Paul POULAIN a502aa1c76 HTML::Template => HTML::Template::Pro 16 years ago
paul f3a6e1ce5a (minor) removing useless template params 16 years ago
Paul POULAIN 112faa65c9 commenting Smart::Comments 16 years ago
Ryan Higgins 6e2564450e Adding labels generator. 17 years ago