13 Commits (4d011bd9983926488f783730ca43e98e6e07dabe)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Mazen Khallaf 71c1aa44a9 Bug 27486: Rename system preference delimiter to CSVDelimiter 3 years ago
Martin Renvoize d2e189ca1c Bug 22600: Set 'commandline' interface appropriately 5 years ago
Jonathan Druart 2b90ea2cb0 Bug 17829: Move GetMember to Koha::Patron 7 years ago
Chris Cormack da172a560f Bug 18432 : Follow up - Updating to use they/them 7 years ago
phette23 553ce38225 Bug 18432: code comments assume male gender 7 years ago
Jonathan Druart b59df2bce7 Bug 17578: GetMemberDetails - Remove GetMemberDetails 7 years ago
Marcel de Rooy c2d63e5e4e Bug 9892: [QA Follow-up] Typo and updated usage 9 years ago
Jonathan Druart 6517e9c16d Bug 9892: Make export_borrowers.pl using the delimiter pref 9 years ago
Jonathan Druart a6c9bd0eb5 Bug 9978: Replace license header with the correct license (GPLv3+) 9 years ago
Jonathan Druart dbd8602280 Bug 13975: Remove compilation warning about encoding pragma deprecation 9 years ago
Sophie Meynieux e8b470ede4 Bug 9045 - Adding some parameters to export_borrowers.pl 11 years ago
Sophie Meynieux 74090b8d39 Bug 9045 : Adding --where parameter to filter what kind of borrowers to export and --separator to choose a specific caracter for patron export 11 years ago
Julian Maurice 30ee49ddb4 Bug 8376: New script to export borrowers misc/export_borrowers.pl 12 years ago