16 Commits (4d011bd9983926488f783730ca43e98e6e07dabe)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Nick Clemens cc58718263 Bug 26459: (follow-up) Clarify language and remove duplicated code 3 years ago
Nick Clemens 9ff8bb69e1 Bug 26459: Add hold-mode option to sip_cli_emulator 3 years ago
Kyle Hall d66432cafd
Bug 22540: (QA follow-up) fixes 5 years ago
Kyle Hall 7d5d9f9d5a
Bug 22540: Add ability to place holds using SIP CLI emulator 5 years ago
Kyle Hall b88f0846e6 Bug 16757 - Add support for Fee Paid to SIP cli emulator for testing 8 years ago
Kyle Hall 59266cbd61 Bug 14512 - Add support for AV field to Koha's SIP2 Server 9 years ago
Kyle Hall c7dadf82ca Bug 13159 [QA Followup] - Remove unused call to localtime() 9 years ago
Olli-Antti Kivilahti 62dcd12f83 Bug 13159 [QA Followup] - Fix transaction_date and undefined warning 9 years ago
Kyle Hall 1f2ff757b5 Bug 13159 [QA Followup] - Move script back to it's original path 9 years ago
Kyle Hall 3c9058523b Bug 13159 [QA Followup] - Fix changed namespace for Sip::Constants 9 years ago
Kyle Hall a3cf51beb9 Bug 13159 [QA Followup] - Fix flag parameters 9 years ago
Kyle Hall 0e7fd0252f Bug 13159 - Enhancements to the SIP2 command line emulator 9 years ago