7 Commits (4d011bd9983926488f783730ca43e98e6e07dabe)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Mazen Khallaf 71c1aa44a9 Bug 27486: Rename system preference delimiter to CSVDelimiter 3 years ago
Julian Maurice 96cc447045 Bug 25898: Prohibit indirect object notation 3 years ago
Jonathan Druart 638786e719 Bug 24663: Remove authnotrequired if set to 0 4 years ago
Nick Clemens 7fe5f8cd2c Bug 18736: Use rounding syspref to determine correct prices in calculations 6 years ago
Jonathan Druart c73e269a13 Bug 18260: Koha::Biblio - Remove GetBiblio 7 years ago
Jonathan Druart 64efee0b5c Bug 16594: Fix obvious QA issues from bug 11371 8 years ago
Bouzid Fergani 97e36c0264 Bug 11371 - Add a new report : Orders by fund with more options 9 years ago