47 Commits (5b1934312b87f8458de84d96421106774dbd95a8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Julian Maurice 96cc447045 Bug 25898: Prohibit indirect object notation 2 years ago
Jonathan Druart 638786e719 Bug 24663: Remove authnotrequired if set to 0 3 years ago
Owen Leonard 1bcc45be62
Bug 25428: Correctly encode link if authority subfield is a URL 2 years ago
Jasmine Amohia 843c4a4bae Bug 19994: Used Modern::Perl in Authorities perl scripts 4 years ago
Andreas Roussos bf7c8303ca Bug 21456: The 'New authority' button lists authority types inconsistently 4 years ago
Jane Sandberg 65cbeae78c Bug 13406: (follow-up) Add styling classes to authority MARC detail display 4 years ago
Jane Sandberg 05e51e9574 Bug 13406: Add styling classes to authority MARC detail display 4 years ago
Owen Leonard 53aab446eb Bug 15360: Incorrect or mislabeled behavior on Authorities "New from Z39.50" Button 4 years ago
Marcel de Rooy e722c0a29f Bug 18149: Move CountUsage calls to Koha namespace 5 years ago
Marcel de Rooy 3e631f418a Bug 17380: Add some checks around Authorities::Types->find 6 years ago
Marcel de Rooy d2ee53fb5f Bug 18019: [QA Follow-up] Also catch the delete from authorities detail 5 years ago
Jonathan Druart 7e70202d34 Bug 15381: Remove GetAuthType and GetAuthTypeCode 7 years ago
Jonathan Druart 7283069a9d Bug 15381: Remove getauthtypes and getauthtype 7 years ago
Jonathan Druart a6c9bd0eb5 Bug 9978: Replace license header with the correct license (GPLv3+) 7 years ago
Jonathan Druart e20270fec4 Bug 11944: use CGI( -utf8 ) everywhere 9 years ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi afd2418d73 Bug 11349: Change .tmpl -> .tt in scripts using templates 8 years ago
Jared Camins-Esakov 83370c519c Bug 8523: Display auth hierarchies w/all marcflavours 10 years ago
Fridolyn SOMERS 1291734a0a Bug 8709: Subfield 0 does not show in MARC detail in intranet 10 years ago
Jared Camins-Esakov 7bc4a6025b Bug 5910: [SIGNED-OFF] only add "All authority types" for UNIMARC 10 years ago
Jared Camins-Esakov f809e47fd1 Bug 6720: show authority type in auth details 10 years ago
Chris Cormack e1bb9e5137 Bug 6679 : Enable Critic tests for authorities and fixed resulting warnings 11 years ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi 36e3bed7b1 Bug 5791 - Robust handling of deleted/non-existent biblios and authority records 11 years ago
Matthias Meusburger 2498992447 Bug 5907 : MT 2538 : Using default authtypecode for authority display 12 years ago
Andrew Elwell efa66f1f55 Bug 5385: POD Cleanups (part 2) 12 years ago
Galen Charlton 2c794d1af7 bug 5380: remove copy-and-paste from authorities/detail.pl 12 years ago
Lars Wirzenius f49cdbf199 Fix FSF address in directory authorities/ 13 years ago
Colin Campbell bcde53b5ba Bug 2505 Enabled warnings in authorities/* 13 years ago
Galen Charlton 4bf76c2d77 bug 2615: remove unneeded 'require Exporter' 14 years ago
paul fd06c22192 sorting authority list 14 years ago
Galen Charlton 0fa1de926f kohabug 2112 - add indicators to MARC display 14 years ago
Galen Charlton b74f8cfab7 code cleanup - remove unused find_values() copy and paste 14 years ago
Joe Atzberger 81516e16c0 authorities subdir - Dates.pm integration and warnings fixes. 15 years ago
Galen Charlton e515e49bce bugfix: prevent crash when displaying authority record leader 15 years ago
Paul POULAIN dbafe27e62 removing warn 15 years ago
Paul POULAIN 8b7085a8ab removing useless code 15 years ago
Paul POULAIN 34c8fd7a6a adding YUI tabs support to authority detail 15 years ago
Paul POULAIN 154e383a1d BUGfixing authorities editor 15 years ago
Paul POULAIN c0c11a87c1 #1444: Porting marcEditor to authorities (tab management) 15 years ago
hdl 100e6a9808 functions that were in C4::Interface::CGI::Output are now in C4::Output. 16 years ago
hdl b767f50c8f Code Cleaning : AuthoritiesMARC. 16 years ago
hdl 1ab5cdfd44 removing $dbh as a parameter in AuthoritiesMarc functions 16 years ago
tipaul 2ffd5b7228 rel_3_0 moved to HEAD 16 years ago
tgarip1957 7e52a5665c Clean up before final commits 16 years ago
toins cc9524a875 Head & rel_2_2 merged 16 years ago
tipaul 5e44e797eb synch'ing 2.2 and head 17 years ago
tipaul 3a14f95add adding links to jump to biblio using an authority 18 years ago
tipaul e7e930ab39 MARC authority management (continued) 18 years ago
tipaul 818f92fe98 * frameworks and itemtypes are independant 18 years ago
tipaul 1caccbf1ca hidding hidden & isurl constraints into MARC subfield structure 18 years ago
tipaul 82744c0ca9 small fix & improvement. 19 years ago