38 Commits (5b1934312b87f8458de84d96421106774dbd95a8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jonathan Druart c32503fcb6 Bug 26675: (bug 23463 follow-up) Fix typo onloadn vs onloan 2 years ago
Jonathan Druart 638786e719 Bug 24663: Remove authnotrequired if set to 0 3 years ago
Jonathan Druart bbb504c86f
Bug 23463: Replace ModItem with Koha::Item->store 3 years ago
Martin Renvoize 9ec4d86636 Bug 22600: Add 'interface' to accountlines 3 years ago
Josef Moravec 5e1fd6218c Bug 22049: (QA follow-up) update MarkIssueReturned call in process_koc.pl 4 years ago
Zoe Bennett 484fd322ab Bug 20018: use Modern::Perl in offline_circ scripts 5 years ago
Jonathan Druart 2b90ea2cb0 Bug 17829: Move GetMember to Koha::Patron 6 years ago
Jonathan Druart 6eade474ed Bug 18276: Remove GetBiblioFromItemNumber - Easy ones 5 years ago
Jonathan Druart 546379cc92 Bug 17680: C4::Circulation - Remove GetItemIssue, simple calls 6 years ago
Marcel de Rooy 158442eb9e Bug 17501: Remove Koha::Upload::get from Koha::Upload 6 years ago
Kyle Hall 011d60823b Bug 15902 [QA Followup] - Use Koha::Patrons instead of Koha::Borrowers 6 years ago
Kyle Hall 94617acef6 Bug 15902 - Remove use of recordpayment in process_koc.pl 7 years ago
Jonathan Druart 02492bd6ea Bug 15005: Replace $ENV{SCRIPT_NAME} with the hardcoded script paths 7 years ago
Marcel de Rooy 83ea49a009 Bug 14321: Integrate Upload.pm into Koha 7 years ago
Jonathan Druart a6c9bd0eb5 Bug 9978: Replace license header with the correct license (GPLv3+) 7 years ago
Jonathan Druart e20270fec4 Bug 11944: use CGI( -utf8 ) everywhere 9 years ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi afd2418d73 Bug 11349: Change .tmpl -> .tt in scripts using templates 8 years ago
Kyle Hall c3bcfc4f82 Bug 8006 - Loading offline circulation does not anonymize 10 years ago
Kyle Hall 0850d0c504 Bug 4976 - Status of item returned with process_koc.pl is empty in Intranet 11 years ago
Paul Poulain 2cff5e7642 Bug 5877 QA follow-up 11 years ago
Julian Maurice 6e85ee6db0 Bug 5449: JSON malformed in Koha - Blocker with jQuery 1.4.x 12 years ago
Galen Charlton 2e963dc416 bug 2975: whitespace and formatting cleanup 12 years ago
Galen Charlton 935635aba5 bug 2975: fix calculation of due dates by offline circ 12 years ago
Andrew Elwell efa66f1f55 Bug 5385: POD Cleanups (part 2) 12 years ago
Galen Charlton ce5e2429db fixing various links to point to *.koha-community.org 12 years ago
Galen Charlton ccadb31c21 bug 4084: remove \r from header line for sake of consistency 12 years ago
Nahuel ANGELINETTI d990e2cd32 (bug #4084) fix offline circ 13 years ago
Henri-Damien LAURENT 4271bbb738 Modifying Members : Add Mod and GetMember 13 years ago
Michael Hafen e5120778c7 Tweak offline_circ - honor itemBarcodeInputFilter and add to Makefile.PL 13 years ago
John Beppu c15e1206fd bug 2874 [3/3] flagsrequired => { circulate => "circulate_remaining_permissions" } 14 years ago
Owen Leonard 7a9658cddc Improvements to offline circ report (linking to title and patron records), and moving English strings from the script into the template to allow translation. 14 years ago
Galen Charlton 5880522ea7 bug 2654: require circulate permission to upload offline circ files 14 years ago
Galen Charlton c7a3b4ede9 bug 2608: let offline circ processing work in background 14 years ago
Galen Charlton 41af135b31 bug 2503: comment out unneeded warns 14 years ago
Galen Charlton 7c646bbaa6 bug 2503: fix call to AddIssue() 14 years ago
Andrew Moore 2494108719 bug 2503: updating process_koc.pl to interpret new versions of import file 14 years ago
Andrew Moore 3d323db1fe bug 2503: removing Force* subs and replacing them with calls to C4::Circulation subs 14 years ago
Kyle Hall 38cf1fd318 Integrated version of the Koha Offline Circulation file uploader. It needs some testing and cleanup, but it works. 14 years ago