41511 Commits (62848497033c601ea928890f903acf32c72d08d2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
tonnesen e6d86cdd17 Added support for showing patron flags in the issues module. 22 years ago
rangi e6fb400c7d Fixing a glitch in the fines routine, was failing if adding a new fine to 22 years ago
tonnesen e16ba0cb0a API for circulation modules 22 years ago
tonnesen 40397605a1 Now uses Circ2.pm generic interface subroutines. 22 years ago
tonnesen 01f6f6a796 Moved returned item list from a scrolled text box to a scrolled table. 22 years ago
tonnesen 2933044c47 First release of Perl/Tk circulation interface 22 years ago
tonnesen 8b421dd4cc Renamed koha.conf config entry from "path" to "includes", which is more 22 years ago
tonnesen 21b18bf675 Modified getbranch() and getprinter() subroutines to not pop up a menu if 22 years ago
tonnesen 1c9ef0371f Added support for moving path=... variable to /etc/koha.conf 22 years ago
rangi 80a0cb638e Shifted Database connection variables out into a configuration file 22 years ago
rangi d0374d0037 Initial revision 22 years ago