9 Commits (62f1b2df68f16dcd7eec324d487963f737cbe450)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Tomás Cohen Arazi 62f1b2df68 Bug 20006: Spec changes 4 years ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi 87dc9b0ac1 Bug 19784: Remove reference to 'borrowernumber' param from other endpoints 5 years ago
Jonathan Druart 5c8365e4a7 Bug 18403: REST API - patrons endpoint 6 years ago
Josef Moravec bd2d2fd433 Bug 16213: (QA follow-up) Fix terminology 5 years ago
Julian Maurice c76281f3fc Bug 16213: Allow to select hold's itemtype when using API 7 years ago
Lari Taskula 047508bb8d Bug 18137: Make /holds Mojolicious::Plugin::OpenAPI compatible 6 years ago
Lari Taskula 153e07fe5e Bug 17086: Reword borrowers to patrons in Swagger tags for holds 7 years ago
Lari Taskula 00a50a9400 Bug 14868: Use x-koha-authorization in current routes 7 years ago
Lari Taskula 7b8c7b038f Bug 16699: Move Swagger-related files to api/v1/swagger 7 years ago
Lari Taskula baaeb725d2 Bug 16699: Add borrowernumberQueryParam for reusability 7 years ago
Lari Taskula 0eaf72ab26 Bug 16699: Split parameters and paths in Swagger 7 years ago