32 Commits (7a42c85889bf779bbcaf82a31793438ebcffc076)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nick Clemens 7a42c85889 Bug 26963: (QA follow-up) Fix cases where we expected a list 6 months ago
  Martin Renvoize 83d63d2302 Bug 25765: (QA follow-up) Save a DB hit 9 months ago
  Fridolin Somers 0fcd0fd270 Bug 25765: Add GetLoggedInBranchname method 11 months ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi 6aeeae3e70
Bug 25421: Remove use of Koha::Libraries->pickup_locations 1 year ago
  Jonathan Druart f1d210019b
Bug 20443: Move C4::Members::AttributeTypes::GetAttributeTypes to Koha::Patron::Attribute::Types 2 years ago
  Agustin Moyano 6cd1ffab4e
Bug 24350: (follow-up) Clear Koha::Libraries->pickup_locations() and move logic to Koha::Template::Plugin::Branches->pickup_locations(). 1 year ago
  Nick Clemens b7bf4bd354
Bug 24350: (follow-up) Unbless each library, not the array 1 year ago
  Jonathan Druart ba892d39d2
Bug 24350: Fix Branches.pickup_locations 1 year ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi 23bddb729d
Bug 22284: (QA follow-up) Make pickup locations be Koha::Library objects 1 year ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi a48d1a43df Bug 22688: (QA follow-up) Use search_params as all() does 2 years ago
  Kyle M Hall ae18c4bb03 Bug 22688: TT plugin for pickup locations code wrong 2 years ago
  Kyle M Hall 02d3d4a8f5 Bug 7614: Consider transfer limits in Koha::Template::Plugin::Branches 2 years ago
  Lari Taskula 9a53a7384a Bug 7534: Use search parameters for Koha::Template::Plugin::Branches->all 4 years ago
  Jonathan Druart e09ed656af Bug 18403: Only display libraries from group in dropdown lists 4 years ago
  Marcel de Rooy e3d0bc24c9 Bug 20060: Resolve uninitialized warn from Koha::Template::Plugin::Branches 3 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 7963796978 Bug 16530: Add a new method to the Branches TT Plugin to avoid c/p 4 years ago
  Marcel de Rooy f435d83c0c Bug 15758: [QA Follow-up] Remove onlymine from Plugin/Branches.pm 4 years ago
  Jonathan Druart f1e5d61b46 Bug 15758: Koha::Libraries - Do not select an option if selected is defined 5 years ago
  Jonathan Druart df97814f30 Bug 15758: Koha::Libraries - Remove GetBranches 5 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 9b9803b69c Bug 15758: Koha::Libraries - Remove GetBranchesLoop 5 years ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi 38c461f258 Bug 15023: Allow patron anonymize/bulk delete tool to be limited by branch 4 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 22d0b82c32 Bug 7380: Refactor the patron search box header 6 years ago
  Jonathan Druart a6c9bd0eb5 Bug 9978: Replace license header with the correct license (GPLv3+) 6 years ago
  Jonathan Druart eda6bf5f2c Bug 11944: TT Plugins should not encode strings 7 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 99521c37fa Bug 11944: Remove all utf8 filter from templates 7 years ago
  Kyle M Hall 025854d6d4 Bug 7720: (follow-up) fix various issues 7 years ago
  Galen Charlton 065a3a5efa Bug 11779: (follow-up) improve GetLoggedInBranchcode() and add test cases 7 years ago
  Kyle M Hall 858083c8e9 Bug 11779: fix unexpected change in logged-in library when changing overdue notice triggers 7 years ago
  Kyle M Hall 6000bfdf87 Bug 10626 - Remove doubled up TT plugins - Merge KohaBranchName and Branches 7 years ago
  Galen Charlton 4db08281c5 bug 8215: (followup) run new files through perltidy 8 years ago
  Paul Poulain a38032e469 Bug 8215 follow-up encoding for branches & itemtypes 8 years ago
  Kyle M Hall be869ab279 Bug 8215 - Course Reserves 9 years ago
  Jared Camins-Esakov c49476641a Bug 9479 follow-up: only set KohaDates as dynamic once 8 years ago
  Jonathan Druart f6f18eba0e Bug 9479: FIX conflict with Bug 9014 8 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 68784dfdf2 Bug 9479: The member notices page doesn't display dates in the syspref format 8 years ago
  Jonathan Druart a6c6946dfc But 5742: Batch edit patrons 9 years ago
  Colin Campbell fab0b80ddb Bug 7562 Add strict & warnings to KohaDates Plugin 9 years ago
  Chris Cormack 88efb109e5 Bug 6679 : Fixing perlcritic violation 9 years ago
  Chris Cormack 01875b565d Bug 929 : Followup fixing date formatting 9 years ago
  Donovan Jones 5e0b850d49 Bug 2505 - Add commented use warnings where missing in the misc/ directory 11 years ago
  Lars Wirzenius 87d845969e Fix FSF address in directory misc/ 11 years ago
  Galen Charlton 21c7f786bf bug 1532: various code cleanup 11 years ago
  tipaul 5ff7fcffa4 Bugfixes & improvements (various and minor) : 14 years ago
  tipaul fc1342f73d rel_3_0 moved to HEAD 14 years ago
  tipaul b2d3fe1ccb moving language chooser to the main page. 16 years ago
  rangi e70385696a Little script that takes a language as an input, and sets a cookie 17 years ago