210 Commits (7a42c85889bf779bbcaf82a31793438ebcffc076)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nick Clemens 7a42c85889 Bug 26963: (QA follow-up) Fix cases where we expected a list 6 months ago
  Jonathan Druart fbd0bbf98f Bug 26990: (bug 22284 follow-up) Prevent hold to be placed if cannot be transferred 6 months ago
  Nicolas Legrand 3de906ac13 Bug 24412: (follow-up) prevent request.pl from failing 6 months ago
  Nicolas Legrand 47b32572d4 Bug 24412: Attach waiting reserve to desk 1 year ago
  Arthur Suzuki e1a5fc85a6 Bug 22806: (QA follow-up) 7 months ago
  Julian Maurice 96cc447045 Bug 25898: Prohibit indirect object notation 10 months ago
  Joonas Kylmälä 0e1d291b14 Bug 12556: Add new "in processing" state to holds 9 months ago
  Joonas Kylmälä 88f7d9f89c Bug 12556: reserves/request.pl: Reuse code from Koha::Hold 9 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 638786e719 Bug 24663: Remove authnotrequired if set to 0 1 year ago
  Agustin Moyano 4b43c886a0 Bug 22789: (follow-up) Fix atomic update, GUI and more than one hold 8 months ago
  Kyle M Hall 27c80187ba Bug 25534: Use the cancelation reasion for the 'X' hold cancelation links 11 months ago
  Andrew Nugged 618cf80df9 Bug 24683: Subroutine name changed (fix), no code logic changed This is the intermediate refactor: renamed subroutine only. 11 months ago
  Petro Vashchuk 8efa607ae5
Bug 25516: Fix for "Can't call method unblessed on unblessed reference" 11 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 93244efa3c
Bug 16547: Do not display "multi holds" view if only one is selected 1 year ago
  Andrew Nugged 18ad5f5eea
Bug 24185: Make holds page fast when 'on shelf holds' set to 'If all unavailable' 1 year ago
  Andrew Nugged 7ecd21a1e4
Bug 24185: Make holds page faster - Improved "if" 1 year ago
  Nick Clemens 1e2617342a
Bug 24485: Allow hold when some can be overridden 1 year ago
  Jesse Weaver 1c43a26525
Bug 18936: (follow-up) Fix tests, replace old get_onshelfholds_policy method 3 years ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi 23bddb729d
Bug 22284: (QA follow-up) Make pickup locations be Koha::Library objects 1 year ago
  Agustin Moyano 01cf725b99
Bug 22284: (follow-up) Squash multiple follow-ups 1 year ago
  Agustin Moyano 3b25ea7c94
Bug 22284: Add "patron's hold group" as new hold_fulfillment_policy option 1 year ago
  Agustin Moyano 546a3b6d4d
Bug 22284: New message, new column and filter pickup locations in reserve/request.tt 2 years ago
  Jonathan Druart ad3e5bae0c
Bug 24168: (bug 23116 follow-up) AllowHoldPolicyOverride allows a librarian to almost place a hold on an item already on hold 1 year ago
  Julian Maurice 8d047f2a33
Bug 22922: Allow to modify hold dates on reserve/request.pl 2 years ago
  Agustin Moyano 7aeec1bfef
Bug 19618: Add ability to place holds for members of a club in intranet 1 year ago
  Ere Maijala a1a05db1b6
Bug 11529: Add templates for biblio title display. Unify display. 2 years ago
  Ere Maijala ee44dce285
Bug 11529: Clean up subtitle usage 2 years ago
  Katrin Fischer d7e6ae38e4
Bug 22021: Improve item status display when placing holds in staff 1 year ago
  Kyle M Hall 2c5e9bed7d
Bug 23116: AllowHoldPolicyOverride allows a librarian to almost place a hold on an item already on hold 1 year ago
  Jonathan Druart 917a506ffc Bug 19302: Send koha::objects to C4::Reserves::IsAvailableForItemLevelRequest 3 years ago
  Josef Moravec aa75553c3a Bug 20421: Inform staff that patron does have the title checked out during placing hold 3 years ago
  Kyle M Hall a57723fc59 Bug 22330: Transfer limits should be respected for placing holds in staff interface and APIs 2 years ago
  Alex Arnaud 102b1ca4bf Bug 21738: make call of CanBookBeReserved more safe 2 years ago
  Kyle M Hall 3987046624 Bug 21495: Regression in hold override functionality 2 years ago
  Nick Clemens 3c50245cfe Bug 21608: Disable dropdown for found holds - add button to revert 2 years ago
  Josef Moravec 543630b3c4 Bug 21719: Fix typos 2 years ago
  Katrin Fischer 2953c6c6cd Bug 20450: Add collection to item table when placing a hold on a specific copy (Intranet) 2 years ago
  Blou c6c4d82325 Bug 21291: (follow-up) Pass subscriptionsnumber to all tools in staff detail's sidebar 2 years ago
  Kyle M Hall 765c28c8e3 Bug 19469: (QA follow-up) Use hold item's itemtype if available, fix priority changing 3 years ago
  Kyle M Hall 42c94d185a Bug 19469: Add ability to split view of holds view on record by pickup library and/or itemtype 3 years ago
  Nick Clemens 5bdf9acf67 Bug 15524: (RM follow-up) Fix calls and add filter 2 years ago
  Kyle M Hall 5f485e476b Bug 15524: (QA follow-up) Change Can[Book|Item]BeReserved to return hashref, pass limit to template 2 years ago
  Kyle M Hall 5d1b491a79 Bug 11512: Forced holds that violate issuing rules will never be filled 3 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 6ef1e5d4ed Bug 18474: Restore multiple holds when patron is searched for 3 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 5bdd4c02af Bug 18789: (follow-up) Fix place hold page 3 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 2ebc2aa6e2 Bug 19940: Koha::Biblio - Remove GetBiblioItemInfosOf 3 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 51aa6db46c Bug 12001: Move GetMemberAccountRecords to the Koha namespace 3 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 0ab22e1c7c Bug 18789: Send Koha::Patron object to the templates 4 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 5f80977875 Bug 18403: Use patron-title.inc when hidepatronname is used 4 years ago
  Jonathan Druart c78746d40d Bug 19300: Replace C4::Reserves::OPACItemHoldsAllowed 3 years ago