3319 Commits (7a97a934ea035821f77d464e9e351f36f7209bbe)

Author SHA1 Message Date
hdl 7a97a934ea Including null values to statistics reports 18 years ago
hdl 6c3f4a3e58 Modifying 0 value display in templates 18 years ago
hdl b6724d9442 including Null Values and improving result display 18 years ago
hdl e22946e8f4 Processing null values in statistics 18 years ago
doxulting 901cd55f06 Removed unused CSS class definition 18 years ago
doxulting 465e60ca8e Two classes for the columns which don't have to be printed 18 years ago
doxulting abd7840d20 Adding a call to the new css for media:print 18 years ago
doxulting fee9983d4e Changed some tag's classes to prevent print of some columns 18 years ago
doxulting 31e35edcc7 Stylesheet to print the content of an acquisition basket (should be extented for other prints) 18 years ago
tipaul 70e0f19f5f stats ignore null values, this is a preliminary bugfix for this problem 18 years ago
doxulting 2762fabd84 correcting a copy/paste error 18 years ago
doxulting cd6ffcb59e the javascript variable 'title' wasn't initialized 18 years ago
tipaul 4a8159b457 oups, sorry, synch'ing badly (dropping a doXulting improvement : selecting either desc or asc order) 18 years ago
tipaul 1923629300 synch'ing with 2.2 18 years ago
hdl 397688c20e Fixing Bug : Not Opening the spreadsheet manager software on file exports. 18 years ago
hdl 98634c4090 Adding a link to issues stats reports in reports-home 18 years ago
hdl e18a9798c8 Adding Reports on issues Stats 18 years ago
doxulting f6d705cd5b Modified Check function to report to user the name of the missing fields, not only their number. 18 years ago
doxulting 228718a689 when changing TMPL_IF to TMPL_UNLESS, had forgotten to change the closing tags. Bug corrected 18 years ago
doxulting d87679e0eb Adding a new select to allow user to chose the output order (ASC, DESC) 18 years ago
doxulting 331e8497d6 Adding the order (ASC, DESC) parameter when calling catalogsearch 18 years ago
doxulting ec62b5e32a Added a param to catalogsearch to allow selection of order (ASC or DESC) 18 years ago
doxulting bc7a148e96 Added a new case for =duplicate 18 years ago
doxulting e98376a1a4 Adding a new case when =duplicate to allow duplication of a biblio 18 years ago
tipaul 93ff09d081 merging 2.2 branch with head. Sorry for not making it before, many many commits done here 18 years ago
slef 9324f8683a Small quoting fix to let fine calculation work. 18 years ago
hdl c4e48a5ff4 Bug fixes 18 years ago
hdl 65ac247ed3 Adding calendar javascript facilities 18 years ago
hdl 208c796619 Adding stats on acquisitions... First Version 18 years ago
hdl c81e2b2fd6 Beautifying Selection 18 years ago
hdl 125706e167 Beautifying selection 18 years ago
oleonard f9229f3163 Synching with default template 18 years ago
doxulting f08c696bb2 Added a trash icon to every line to allow user to remove an order from the basket without setting its quantity to 0 18 years ago
hdl b54e2e55eb tidying lists forms 18 years ago
hdl 49ee6854f2 tidying lists 18 years ago
hdl 4ca134c52a Adding MIME and delimiter support to system preferences 18 years ago
hdl 6fea10ed0f bugs fixing on catalogue stats reporting 18 years ago
hdl 00efe73c6c Improving borrowers statitics management 18 years ago
tipaul adbcc2a21f patch to hide empty fields 18 years ago
hdl 80f196aedd Adding catalogue reporting templates 18 years ago
hdl 7106531fef Adding Stats on Catalogue 18 years ago
joshferraro 34a1079256 fix for bug 937 18 years ago
joshferraro 86197b08b8 Fix for bug 920. The problem was that getMARCnotes had the variable set to be the same as the 18 years ago
oleonard f4251d2ce8 Synching with default template 18 years ago
hdl 572cee5187 borrowers_stats report exportation management 18 years ago
hdl 9f1441e7fd gestion des exportations 18 years ago
hdl 31b4599272 Adding reports 18 years ago
oleonard 47d2e132e7 Changing barcode search type to 'start' instead of '=' (barcode search fails otherwise) 18 years ago
oleonard 400ccf3878 Synching with default template 18 years ago
oleonard 9d2a85292a Adding sort-by option to template 18 years ago