41154 Commits (8790fe908d0207f1923aaad87dc48eecb5747d40)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Fridolin Somers 8790fe908d Bug 26051: Add sort=1 on cn-sort in mappings.yaml 3 months ago
  Blou bdfb78a69a Bug 23929: Invoice adjustments should filter inactive funds 3 months ago
  Owen Leonard f45d083f9a Bug 27731: Remove hold class from individual OPAC search result hold link 2 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 74ae74d5fa Bug 27626: Fix self registration if categorycode is hidden and PatronSelfRegistrationVerifyByEmail 3 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 57a15eb474 Bug 27534: Add missing ON UPDATE/DELETE clause to message_transport_type_fk 3 months ago
  Martin Renvoize 63e3311b10 Bug 26997: (QA follow-up) Fix Typo 2 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 0a40b4bb50 Bug 26997: CAST AS CHAR to prevent the error 2 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 0e0700a691 Bug 26997: Remove 0000-00-00 from aqorders.datecancellationprinted 6 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 3c087bc216 Bug 26997: Fix upgrade process under MySQL 8 6 months ago
  Nick Clemens a825c72938 Bug 26208: Perform batch checkin/renewals serially rather than asynchronously 5 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 010f361fe6 Bug 27131: Improve POD for the new method 2 months ago
  Lucas Gass 9d2092e36f Bug 27694: use HTML filtering on News Tool textarea 3 months ago
  Marcel de Rooy c3cf9a1ef9 Bug 27131: (QA follow-up) POD and comments 2 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 731ec77b99 Bug 27131: Add tests for get_items_that_can_fill 4 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 919caa19c8 Bug 27131: Add get_items_that_can_fill 5 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 03a9bdc851 Bug 24469: Move the new queries to a dedicated ImportBatch subroutine 3 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 7bc460e005 Bug 24469: Record biblionumber in import_biblio when adding to basket via file 1 year ago
  Agustin Moyano 740331c39e Bug 27719: Apply _escape_str and _escape_price where needed 2 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 6bd75d6dca Bug 24108: DBRev 2 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 0269d2b30e Bug 24108: Remove extra spaces 2 months ago
  Katrin Fischer 3f755c3ab1 Bug 24108: (QA follow-up) Add staff detail page to syspref description 2 months ago
  Katrin Fischer 231b3487e2 Bug 24108: (QA follow-up) Add missing comma in sysprefs.sql 2 months ago
  Nick Clemens 234cced91d Bug 24108: Make export file names consistent 4 months ago
  Nick Clemens 0b1f162dcc Bug 24108: (QA follow-up) Adjust wording and use perl for update file 4 months ago
  John Doe 88b751e54f Bug 24108: (follow-up) Fix typo with .xml extension 5 months ago
  Cori Lynn Arnold 227077c43d Bug 24108: Advanced editor: configure if biblionumber or control number is used for saved files 5 months ago
  Martin Renvoize 02b9c904fe Bug 26274: (QA follow-up) Fix the order of summary groups 2 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 02b056508d Bug 27673: Fix t/Context.t 2 months ago
  Jonathan Druart aba8a17713 Bug 27673: (follow-up) Fix encoding issues - Dump 3 months ago
  Joonas Kylmälä 9e5c5b9fba Bug 27673: (QA follow-up) Remove unused YAML::XS import 3 months ago
  Jonathan Druart a562101fdc Bug 27673: Fix encoding issues - Dump 3 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 61f88c4c50 Bug 27673: Rename C4::Circulation decode to _decode 3 months ago
  Jonathan Druart fafcbff015 Bug 27673: Fix encoding issues 3 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 46f7239b08 Bug 27673: Replace YAML with YAML::XS 3 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 76c38d10d0 Bug 27707: (bug 26639 follow-up) Fix renewals when RenewalSendNotice is set 2 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 93bc3af5a9 Bug 27569: Fix ODS export - take empty string into account 3 months ago
  Jonathan Druart f0f1d27dd2 Bug 27569: Change av for 100$2 3 months ago
  Jonathan Druart ce92a756a8 Bug 27569: Add tests for ODS export 3 months ago
  Jonathan Druart ad5de74cbc Bug 27569: Fix CSV export for biblio frameworks 3 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 7c11f05626 Bug 27569: Add tests 3 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 0c0b2c0917 Bug 27569: Don't hide errors! 3 months ago
  Jonathan Druart dfd42a4eb2 Bug 27569: Remove non mysql code 3 months ago
  Jonathan Druart e0e64bde51 Bug 27706: (bug 24488 follow-up) Fix libraries column filter 2 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 5d459283e8 Bug 27380: Add missing use statement 2 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 121b633cad Bug 27604: Deal with empty pref 2 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 539af7bd5a Bug 27598: DBRev 2 months ago
  Owen Leonard 701055f889 Bug 27598: (QA follow-up) Add category description and installer data 3 months ago
  Owen Leonard 289fe72614 Bug 27598: Add UPLOAD as a built-in system authorized value category 3 months ago
  Nick Clemens 30d92f9248 Bug 18146: (follow-up) Remove warn for uninitialized value 3 months ago
  Nick Clemens 03bb55f104 Bug 18146: Fix tests for OverduesBlockRenewing 3 months ago